Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heung Taek Shim, Joong Kee Lee, Byoung Won Cho

Abstract: In order to enhance the electrochemical performance of lithium metal as an anode of lithium secondary battery, we prepared DLC film coating...

Authors: Sang Wook Park, Eun Chel Cho, Jae Hee Yu, Dea Won Kim

Abstract: In this work, we report on the last investigation of POP (selective Phosphorous doping and contact Opening Process) in crystalline silicon...

Authors: Jayamani Jayaraj, Jae Ho Han, Sang Whan Park, Ki Bae Kim, Eric Fleury

Abstract: In this paper, we present results of an investigation on the physical, mechanical, chemical properties and processing ability of the Cr2AlC...

Authors: Badrul Munir, Rachmat Adhi Wibowo, Eun Soo Lee, Kyoo Ho Kim

Abstract: Cu(In1-xAlx)Se2 films were prepared using a two-stage process of sputtering and selenization. Stacked elemental layer precursors of Cu, In...

Authors: Hee Joo Kim, Kyung Lee, Jong Cheol Lee, Sang Jin Moon

Abstract: In order to more improve the performance of the existing P3HT:C60 polymer photovoltaic cells, we adopted soluble C70 insteade of C60. The...

Authors: Kwan Ho Park, Soon Chul Ur, Il Ho Kim

Abstract: Co1-xFexSb3 skutterudites were synthesized by encapsulated induction melting and their thermoelectric properties were investigated. Single...

Authors: Tae Whan Hong, Dong Hun Lee, Hae Suck Park, Dong Hwan Suh, Whan Gi Kim

Abstract: Branched sulfonated poly(ether ketone sulfone) copolymer was prepared from1,1,1- tris(4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane, 4,4-difluorophenylsulfone,...

Authors: Ick Jun Kim, Min Je Jeon, Sun Hye Yang, Seong In Moon, Hyun Soo Kim

Abstract: In this study, mixed active material electrodes, composed of an activated carbon (MSP20) and LiCoO2, were prepared as cathodes for a...

Authors: Gil Jae Lee, Jae Hyeok Shim, Young Whan Cho, Kyung Sub Lee

Abstract: Fine Ti5Si3 powder has been synthesized from a mixture of elemental Ti and Si powders using a mechanochemical method. It shows a good...

Authors: Seong In Moon, Ming Zhe Kong, Pasikkasu Periasamy, Hyun Soo Kim

Abstract: Lithium cobalt oxide is synthesized by a novel solution combustion procedure. In this synthesis, a solution mixture of lithium nitrate,...


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