Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing

Volumes 124-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A Ram Choi, Sang Sik Choi, Jung Hyun Kim, Sang Hoon Kim, Kyu Hwan Shim

Abstract: We have studied thermo-electrical properties for Ni-based germanosilicide to understand the influence of temperature on the evolution of...

Authors: Young Ha Kim, Tae Hyun Sung, Sang Chul Han, Young Hee Han, Nyeon Ho Jeong, Jae Won Shin, Kwang Soo No

Abstract: On nontextured substrates, YBCO superconducting thick films were fabricated using a simple screen-printing method, from Cu-free powders...

Authors: Fei Liu, Yong Jun He, Jeung Soo Huh

Abstract: The nano-CeO2 was synthesized by two-step solid-phase reaction. The image of TEM showed that nano-CeO2 with an average size of about 70 nm....

Authors: Che Hung Wei, Yu Hung Chen

Abstract: The etching in SiO2 is a crucial step in fabricating thin film transistor. For large area etching, high density plasma which independently...

Authors: Sun Ho Jeong, Dong Jo Kim, Sul Lee, Bong Kyun Park, Joo Ho Moon

Abstract: Using a thermally-crosslinkable organosiloxane-based organic-inorganic hybrid material, solution-processable gate dielectric layer for...

Authors: You Min Chang, Jong Soon Lee, Kap Jin Kim

Abstract: Flexible piezoelectric polymer materials for smart apparel and wearable computer applications are of great interest. Among known...

Authors: Jong Soon Lee, Kap Jin Kim, Arun Anand Prabu

Abstract: In this paper, the surface crystalline morphology and piezoelectricity of P(VDF/TrFE)(72/28) copolymer ultrathin films were studied using...

Authors: Woong Cho, Yong Jun Ko, Yoo Min Ahn, Gun Ho Chang, Jae Ho Lee

Abstract: The dishing phenomena of soft materials in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process were problematic in delineating inlaid metal...

Authors: Toshiyuki Nakamiya, Sang Moo Park, Kenji Ebihara, Tomoaki Ikegami, Ryoichi Tsuda
Authors: Titipun Thongtem, Sulawan Kaowphong, Somchai Thongtem

Abstract: MWO4 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba and Pb) was solvothermally prepared using metallic nitrates and sodium tungstate in 25/5 volume ratios of...


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