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Authors: Seong Jun Kim, Ji Kyun Kim, Hyeon Seok Lee, Jeong Yeol Kwon, Heon Yong Lee
Abstract:In this paper, we studied the method of electrets electrode which formed to accumulate negative electric charge by corona discharge. The...
Authors: Jae Yeong Heo, Hyeong Joon Kim
Abstract:Various annealing conditions after film deposition have a great effect on electrical and structural properties of low-k films. In this work,...
Authors: Su Jin Yoo, O Dae Kwon, Hee Hwan Choe, Jae Hong Jeon, Kang Woong Lee, Jong Hyun Seo, Dae Jin Seong, Jung Hyung Kim, Yong Hyeon Shin
Authors: Beom Seob Kim, Deug Joong Kim
Abstract:The formation, microstructure and electrical property of conductive ceramic composites derived from polymer pyrolysis were investigated....
Authors: Sung Hoon Kim, Hong Seop Yun, Hyun Kyung Yang, Kwang Duk Kim, Soung Soo Yi, Jung Hyun Jeong, Dong Uk Kim
Abstract:As-grown Sr2SiO4:Eu thin films on Si (100) substrates have been reduced by hydrogen plasma reaction which was carried out by using radio...
Authors: Gun Hee Kim, Hong Seong Kang, Dong Lim Kim, Hyun Woo Chang, Byung Du Ahn, Sang Yeol Lee
Abstract:Cu-doped ZnO (denoted by ZnO:Cu) films have been prepared by pulsed laser deposition using 3 wt. CuO doped ZnO ceramic target. The carrier...
Authors: Yong Hee Han, Seung Hoon Lee, Kun Tae Kim, In Hoon Choi, Sung Moon
Abstract:In recent years, we have reported uncooled microbolometer with amorphous vanadium-tungsten oxide as a thermometric material. The reported...
Authors: Yong Sup Yun, Takanori Yoshida, Norifumi Shimazu, Yasushi Inoue, Nagahiro Saito, Osamu Takai
Abstract:Plasma diagnosis was performed by means of optical emission spectroscopy in the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition process for...
Authors: Kyung Hyun Park, Min Soo Ko, Yong Seog Kim
Abstract:Characteristics of MgO layer deposited under hydrogen atmosphere were investigated. Hydrogen gas was introduced during e-beam evaporation...
Authors: Kwan Wuk Park, Jin Seok Lee, Hee Jin Lim, Sung Churl Choi
Abstract:Bi-based glass pastes were prepared in the mixed organic solvents (α-terpineol and texanol) with different kinds and concentrations of...
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