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Authors: Jae Hyouk Yoo, Su Cheol Gong, In Jae Baek, Hyun Seong Lim, Sang Baie Shin, Young Chol Chang, Gee Keun Chang, Ho Jung Chang
Abstract:Polymer light emitting diodes (PLEDs) with ITO/PEDOT:PSS/PVK/PFO-poss/LiF/Al structure were prepared by spin coating method on the...
Authors: In Sung Cha, Jin Hyon Lee, Ung Yu Paik, Seon Mi Yoon, Eun Sung Lee, Jae Young Choi
Abstract:The effect of a binary surfactant on the luminance efficiency of a green phosphor was investigated with an emphasis on the chemical control...
Authors: Hyoung June Kim
Abstract:Polycrystalline Si thin film transistors (TFTs) have been fabricated through solid phase crystallization using field-enhanced rapid thermal...
Authors: Jung Min Kim, Hyun Jung Her, J.H. Yoon, Jae Wan Kim, Y.J. Choi, C.J. Kang, D. Jeon, Yong Sang Kim
Abstract:We investigated the characteristics of pentacene thin films of different materials for gate insulators using atomic force microscope (AFM)...
Authors: Seong Hoon Kim, Han Ki Yoon, Riichi Murakami
Abstract:The thin films of SiO and SiON were deposited individually by the inclination opposite target type DC magnetron sputtering equipment onto...
Authors: El Hang Lee, In Joo Chin, Yong Ku Kwon, S.G. Lee, B.H. O, S.G. Park, Kyong Hon Kim
Abstract:We report on the synthesis and fabrication of novel polymer/organic materials for application for what we call optical printed circuit board...
Authors: Dong Bok Lee, Dae Ho Yoon
Abstract:About 2-thick, amorphous SiON thin films were deposited by the PECVD method, and heated up to 1000oC in air to study the post-annealing...
Authors: Jin Kyo Seo, Jeong Hwan Lee, Jong Wan Park
Abstract:The crystal defects in diamonds are diverse. In other words, there are almost no perfect diamonds without impurities or dislocations. Most...
Authors: Jae Suk Oh, Sang Il Seok, Ha Kyun Jung
Authors: J.W. Roh, J.S. Yang, S.H. Ok, Deok Ha Woo, Young Tae Byun, Young Min Jhon, Tetsuya Mizumoto, Woo Young Lee, Seok Lee
Abstract:A novel process of wafer bonding between InP and a garnet crystal (Gd3Ga5O12, CeY2Fe5O12) based on O2 plasma surface-activation and low...
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