Trends in Magnetism

Volumes 168-169

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jose Ignacio Arnaudas, A. Badia-Majós, L. Berbil-Bautista, M. Bode, F.J. Castaño, M. Ciria, C. De La Fuente, J.L. Diez-Ferrer, S. Krause, B.G. Ng, Robert C. O'Handley, C.A. Ross, Roland Wiesendanger

Abstract: Understanding of the relationship between stress and magnetic properties in nanostructures is of both fundamental and practical interest. In...

Authors: N.N. Stepanova, S.Yu. Mitropolskaya, D.I. Davidov, N.V. Kazantseva

Abstract: Paramagnetic VKNA superalloy on the base of Ni3Al intermetallic phase (L12 superlattice) under cold rolling deformation demonstrates...

Authors: V.S. Zhigalov, V.G. Myagkov, G.I. Frolov, L.E. Bykova, S.V. Komogortsev, G.N. Bondarenko, V.I. Nizhankovskii

Abstract: Solid-state synthesis of a Sm2Co7 (110) hard magnetic phase prepared by successive deposition of Co and Sm layers onto a MgO(001) surface at...

Authors: Anatoly G. Kuchin

Abstract: Magnetic anisotropy of the easy-plane type in the R2Fe17-хMnx systems with R = Ce and Lu weakens upon substitution of Mn for Fe. Temperature...

Authors: E.E. Kokorina, M.V. Medvedev, I.A. Nekrasov

Abstract: Intermetallic compounds R2Fe17 are perspective for applications as permanent magnets. For the practical usage, these systems must have the...

Authors: N.V. Mushnikov, V.S. Gaviko, E.G. Gerasimov, P.B. Terentyev, I.A. Tkach, A.V. Korolyov

Abstract: Structure and magnetic properties of non-stoichiometric rare earth intermetallic compounds TbNi2Mnx and DyNi2Mnx x have been studied. It was...

Authors: E.G. Gerasimov, S.M. Podgonykh, N.V. Mushnikov, V.P. Dyakina, T. Kanomata

Abstract: Magnetic properties, electrical resistivity and magnetoresistance of the Ni50Mn37(Sn1 xInx)13 (x=0.2, 0.5) Heusler alloys were studied in...

Authors: V.V. Kiselev, A.A. Rascovalov

Abstract: Exact solutions of the Landau – Lifshitz equation are found for a ferromagnet with the easy-axis anisotropy. These solutions describe the...

Authors: M.N. Dubovik, B.N. Filippov, Felix A. Kassan-Ogly

Abstract: Within the framework of two-dimensional model of magnetization distribution and exact allowance for main interactions nonlinear dynamic...

Authors: Yu.N. Dragoshanskii, V.V. Shulika, A.P. Potapov, V.F. Tiunov

Abstract: The paper deals with the domain structure and electromagnetic characteristics of soft magnetic iron-based alloys, which are formed by the...


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