Robotics and Automation Systems

Volumes 166-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dieter Schramm, Wildan Lalo, Michael Unterreiner

Abstract: This paper considers the application of simulators or demonstrators in the development of mechatronic products. It is shown at what step of...

Authors: N.V. Orlandea

Abstract: The paper describes the definition of a set of generalized coordinates and forces (kinematic control parameters) necessary to satisfy a...

Authors: Alexandra Maria Aluţei, Beniamin Vasile Chetran, Ion Lungu, Dan Mândru

Abstract: This paper presents the development of an Assistive Technology representative product: an automatic page turner system, designed for persons...

Authors: Khaled Assad Arrouk, Belhassen Chedli Bouzgarrou, Sergiu Dan Stan, Grigore Gogu

Abstract: In this paper a new method for determination and optimization of the workspace of parallel manipulators is presented. The proposed method is...

Authors: István Barabás, Ioan Adrian Todoruţ, Levente Botond Kocsis, Doru Laurean Băldean

Abstract: The paper presents the design, implementation and use of an automatic test bench for the injection process, using an economical solution for...

Authors: Cosmin Berceanu, Daniela Tarniţă, Dumitru Filip

Abstract: Nowadays the robotic or prosthetic artificial hands strive to achieve a high degree of anthropomorphism, a concept which expresses the...

Authors: Cosmin Berceanu, Daniela Tarniţă, Dumitru Filip

Abstract: In this paper we present a novel approach regarding the exteroceptive sensor system of a new developed artificial hand. Force and proximity...

Authors: Sorin Besoiu, Vistrian Măties, Donca Radu

Abstract: The pneumatic actuation is widely used in robotics. The actuators based on pneumatic artificial muscles are unconventional actuation systems...

Authors: Theodor Borangiu, Florin Daniel Anton, Silvia Anton

Abstract: This paper discusses the problem of synchronizing multiple robots in cooperative tasks. The problem is divided in two parts: first the...

Authors: Stelian Brad, Emilia Brad, Cosmin Ioanes

Abstract: In order to set up well-structured multitasking robot application programs careful planning is required. Robot programming languages (e.g....


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