Robotics and Automation Systems

Volumes 166-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Adrian Bruja, Marian Dima, Cătălin Frâncu

Abstract: The paper presents the research results carried out by the team of authors over the past 10 years in the field of video inspection of sewer...

Authors: Adrian Bruja, Marian Dima, Cătălin Frâncu

Abstract: The paper presents research results on the development of specific steering and vertical locus orientation mechanisms for mobile...

Authors: Ovidiu Budisan, Iosif Ignat, Lucia Vacariu, Cristian Florea

Abstract: The paper aims to present and exemplify the ways in which a mixed system of humans and sociable robots co-operate. To do so, an airport...

Authors: Florentin Buium, Virgil Atanasiu, Danut Rusu

Abstract: This paper present under a general manner, a software elaborated by the authors and their research teams, during a research project. So, we...

Authors: Adrian Burlacu, Marius Kloetzer, Doru Panescu

Abstract: This contribution presents some important issues on mobile robots path planning. While it is hard to find a unique architecture for all the...

Authors: Alina Capustiac, Michael Unterreiner, Dieter Schramm

Abstract: This paper focuses on the actuation strategy of an active driving simulator and its validation using experimental driving data. The...

Authors: Beniamin Chetran, Ion Lungu, Alexandra Maria Aluţei, Dan Mândru

Abstract: In this paper we present a new compact and portable rehabilitation system. It's role is to provide therapeutic passive motions of the hand....

Authors: Valentin Ciupe, Steliana Vatau, Inocentiu Maniu

Abstract: The paper presents a scaled experimental stand for applying different algorithms onto a braking system with anti-lock capability, in order...

Authors: Dorian Cojocaru, Giuseppe Boccolato, Ionut Dinulescu, Alice Predescu, Florin Manta, Sorin Dumitru

Abstract: This paper presents the architecture, simulation, implementation and control problem for a class of continuum manipulators – the truncated...

Authors: Daniela Coman, Nicu Bizdoaca, Anca Petrisor, Adela Ionescu, Mihaela Florescu

Abstract: Robot soccer competition provides an excellent opportunity for robotics research. In particular, the soccer robots must perform real-time...


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