Trends in Magnetism

Volumes 168-169

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Valentin Yu. Irkhin

Abstract: A review of fundamental works by Shubin and Vonsovsky on the formulation of the polar and s–d(f) exchange models is given. Their ideas are...

Authors: S.G. Chigarev, E.M. Epshtein, Y.V. Gulyaev, P.E. Zilberman

Abstract: Two channels of the s-d exchange interaction are considered in magnetic junctions. The first channel describes the interaction of...

Authors: L.V. Lutsev, A.I. Stognij, N.N. Novitskii, A.S. Shulenkov

Abstract: The injection magnetoresistance effect in SiO2(Co)/GaAs heterostructures, where SiO2(Co) is a granular SiO2 film containing Co...

Authors: Martin Gradhand, Dmitry V. Fedorov, Peter Zahn, Ingrid Mertig

Abstract: We present a first-principles study of the extrinsic spin Hall effect due to skew scattering at substitutional defects in noble metals (Cu,...

Authors: A.S. Morozov, L.A. Koroleva, D.M. Zashchirinskii, T.M. Khapaeva, S.F. Marenkin, I.V. Fedorchenko, R.A. Szymczak, B. Krzymanska

Abstract: Based on the Mn-doped chalcopyrites CdGeAs2, ZnGeAs2 and ZnSiAs2, new dilute magnetic semiconductors with the p-type conductivity were...

Authors: E.A. Gan'shina, L.L. Golik, V.I. Kovalev, Z.E. Kun’kova, M.P. Temiryazeva, Y.A. Danilov, O.V. Vikhrova, B.N. Zvonkov, A.D. Rubacheva, P.N. Tcherbak, A.N. Vinogradov

Abstract: Optical and magneto-optical properties of In(Ga)MnAs layers fabricated by laser ablation on GaAs(100) substrates were studied. Spectra of...

Authors: I.V. Medvedeva, T. Dyachkova, A. Tyutyunnik, Y. Zaynulin, V. Marchenkov, E. Marchenkova, C.P. Yang, S.S. Chen, K. Bärner

Abstract: Polycrystalline Nd1-xSrxMnO3 was subjected to a thermobaric treatment, that is, a quenching under a high quasihydrostatic pressure of 9 GPa...

Authors: N.A. Viglin, V.V. Ustinov, T.N. Pavlov, V.M. Tsvelihovskaya

Abstract: A promising idea to use the transport of spin-polarized conduction electrons in a magnetic hetero-structure in order to invert population of...


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