Trends in Magnetism

Volumes 168-169

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: V.V. Gubernatorov, Yu.N. Dragoshanskii, T.S. Sycheva, Irina I. Kositsyna, V.A. Ivchenko

Abstract: A new way of considerable improvement of properties of soft magnetic alloys is offered. This way actually consists in the use of an ion beam...

Authors: Anna G. Pashko, R.G. Bareev, V. Osadchenko, N. Lobasheva, G.S. Kandaurova

Abstract: In this paper we present the results of investigation of spiral dynamic domains of a highly anisotropic iron garnet film with a...

Authors: A.A. Ivanov, V.A. Orlov, N.N. Podolsky

Abstract: Analytical and numerical methods are used to study the process of motion of domain walls in an individual nanowire consisting of...

Authors: E.B. Magadeev, R.M. Vakhitov

Abstract: Structure of magnetic heterogeneities of the 0-degree-domain-wall type in a thin film of a cubic ferromagnet with a uniaxial anisotropy...

Authors: Z.V. Gareeva, R.A. Doroshenko

Abstract: Theoretical analysis of peculiarities of electric polarization arising on magnetic non – homogeneity in bilayered structure with interlayer...

Authors: Y.A. Danilov, Alexei V. Kudrin, O.V. Vikhrova, B.N. Zvonkov

Abstract: Laser deposition method was used for growing ferromagnetic semiconductor and half-metal compound layers. GaMnAs and InMnAs layers were grown...

Authors: A.V. Ognev, M.E. Stebliy, A.S. Samardak, A. Nogaret, L.A. Chebotkevich

Abstract: The remagnetization process and the distribution of magnetic moments in arrays of trilayer nanodisks Co(10 nm)/Pd(0.8 nm)/Co(10 nm) with...

Authors: A.S. Samardak, E.V. Sukovatitsina, A.V. Ognev, M. Anisimova, Erik Wahlström, L.A. Chebotkevich

Abstract: This paper is devoted to the investigation of crystalline structure, surface morphology, magnetic anisotropy, coercive force and domain...

Authors: G.V. Kurlyandskaya, S.M. Bhagat, Andrey V. Svalov, Eduardo Fernandez, Alfredo García-Arribas, José M. Barandiarán

Abstract: FeNi films were deposited by DC magnetron sputtering at different Ar pressures. The structure and magnetic properties of the FeNi films are...

Authors: A.V. Chernichenko, I.S. Edelman, D.A. Velikanov, D.A. Marushchenko, Y.E. Greben’kova, I.A. Turpanov, G.S. Patrin

Abstract: The surface morphology and magnetic properties of layered Ni-Ge films were investigated. The films surface has been shown to consist of the...


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