Trends in Magnetism

Volumes 168-169

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K.A. Bagdasarova, Nikolai S. Perov, G.P. Karpacheva, S.E. Pile, E.L. Dzidziguri

Abstract: . Magnetic properties of carbon–metal nanocomposites were investigated depending on the preparation conditions, metal content and phase...

Authors: E. De Fazio, P.G. Bercoff, Silvia E. Jacobo

Abstract: Nanocrystalline lithium-substituted manganese-zinc ferrites Li0.5xMn0.4Zn0.6-xFe2+0.5xO4 were prepared by the sol-gel autocombustion method....

Authors: Akai K. Murtazaev, A.B. Babaev, G.Ya. Aznaurova

Abstract: We study the phase transitions and critical phenomena in 3D site-diluted (with nonmagnetic impurities) Potts model with spin states q=4 by...

Authors: A.A. Grebennikov, O.V. Stognei

Abstract: The possibility of obtaining a nanostructured composite in the Ni-Mg-O system by ion-beam sputtering has been investigated. The structural,...

Authors: S.V. Komogortsev, Rauf S. Iskhakov, P. Kuznetsov, A. Belyaeva, G. Bondarenko, L.A. Chekanova, A. Balaev, E.V. Eremin

Abstract: In the paper, we will present experimental results on the Fe73.5CuNb3Si13.5B9 ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) line width as a function of...

Authors: S.V. Komogortsev, S. Smirnov, Rauf S. Iskhakov, N. Momot, A. Balaev, L.A. Chekanova, Elena A. Denisova, E.V. Eremin

Abstract: The magnetization correlation function for two-phase one-dimentional chain of the ferromagnetic exchange-coupled nanoparticles with a random...

Authors: D.M. Zashchirinskii, A.S. Morozov, L.I. Koroleva, A.M. Balbashov

Abstract: Magnetocaloric effect (T-effect) was studied by direct method on three samples of Sm0.55Sr0.45MnO3 manganite: ceramic (C) sample and two...

Authors: E.A. Zvereva, O.A. Savelieva, S. Ibragimov, Y. Titov, E.I. Slynko, V. Slyn’ko

Abstract: We have studied the magnetic susceptibility, magnetization and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) in the diluted magnetic semiconductor...

Authors: A.S. Shkvarin, A.I. Merentsov, Y.M. Yarmoshenko, N.A. Skorikov, A.N. Titov

Abstract: Solid solutions 1T-CrxTi1-xSe2 (x = 0-0,83) were synthesized. Single crystals in the concentration range x = 0-0.69 were grown. Structure of...

Authors: N.I. Noskova, V.V. Shulika, A.P. Potapov

Abstract: The effect of the nanocrystallization conditions on the structure, magnetic characteristics and temperature stability of the...


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