Trends in Magnetism

Volumes 168-169

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.A. Milyaev, L.I. Naumova, V.V. Proglyado, T.P. Krinitsina, N.S. Bannikova, V.V. Ustinov

Abstract: The effect of Cr-buffer-layer thickness on the structure, giant magnetoresistance, and coercivity of DC sputtered...

Authors: Yu.A. Babanov, Yu.A. Salamatov, E. Kh. Mukhamedzhanov

Abstract: A new method for studying multilayer structure using angle resolved XAFS measurements is proposed. The integral equation describing the...

Authors: I.V. Fedorchenko, A. Rumiantsev, T. Kuprijanova, L. Kilanski, R.A. Szymczak, W. Dobrowolski, L.A. Koroleva

Abstract: The heterostructure ferromagnetic/semiconductor ZnSiAs2/Si was obtained by using the Si-ZnAs2 phase diagram. The magnetic properties of...

Authors: Boris A. Gizhevskii, Yu.P. Sukhorukov, L.V. Nomerovannaya, A.A. Makhnev, Yurii S. Ponosov, A.V. Telegin, Elena V. Mostovshchikova

Abstract: Features of the optical properties of nanostructured strongly correlated oxides CuO, Y3Fe5O12, and FeBO3 in a wide range of energies, which...

Authors: Yu.V. Zakharov, A.Yu. Vlasov, R. Avakumov

Abstract: In present paper the magnetization of magnetic film consisting of two soft magnetic layers separated by a nonmagnetic interlayer is...

Authors: K. Nefedev, Y. Ivanov, A. Peretyatko, V. Belokon

Abstract: The research method for the investigation of magnetic states of single nanoparticles, 1D arrays, 2D, and quasi-2D arrays is used. The...

Authors: N.V. Vorob’eva, Aleksei N. Lachinov, Alexey A. Lachinov, F.F. Garifullina

Abstract: Two types of magnetoresistive effects can be observed in the multilayer structure of the ferromagnet/polydiphenylenephthalide/non-magnetic...

Authors: Silvia E. Jacobo, Juan C. Aphesteguy, N.N Shegoleva, G.V. Kurlyandskaya

Abstract: NiCuZn ferrites were prepared by the sol-gel self-combustion method. Nanosized, homogeneous and highly reactive powders were obtained at...

Authors: Nina Mironova-Ulmane, A. Kuzmin, J. Grabis, I. Sildos, V.I. Voronin, I.F. Berger, V.A. Kazantsev

Abstract: Structure and magnetic properties of nickel oxide (NiO) nanopowders have been studied by X-ray/neutron diffraction, SQUID magnetometer, and...

Authors: A.N. Maratkanova, S.F. Lomayeva, D.A. Petrov, Konstantin N. Rozanov, A.A. Chulkina, O.M. Nemtsova, Eugene P. Yelsukov

Abstract: The structure and microwave properties of composites consisting of paraffin as a dielectric host matrix and Fe particles as inclusions have...


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