Trends in Magnetism

Volumes 168-169

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Felix A. Kassan-Ogly, B.N. Filippov, V.V. Men’shenin, Akai K. Murtazaev, M.K. Ramazanov, M.K. Badiev

Abstract: The problem of frustrations and phase transition appearance or suppression is studied on the base of exact analytical solutions for maximum...

Authors: Liudmila E. Gonchar, Anatoliy E. Nikiforov, Julia V. Leskova, Anton A. Firsin, D.P. Kozlenko

Abstract: The crystal structure of manganite under pressure is investigated. The influence of external hydrostatical pressure is studied. The...

Authors: A.S. Moskvin

Abstract: We present a short overview of different microscopic models for nonrelativistic and relativistic magnetoelectric coupling in 3d oxides...

Authors: Vadim R. Galakhov

Abstract: There are presented core-level 3s X-ray photoelectron spectra of some 3d oxides. The possibility to extract additional information on intra-...

Authors: A.V. Lazuta, V.A. Ryzhov, A.I. Kurbakov, V.P. Khavronin, P.L. Molkanov, Y.M. Mukovskii, A.E. Pestun, R.V. Privezentsev

Abstract: Results of structural neutron diffraction study and data on the transport and magnetic properties (the linear and nonlinear (second and...

Authors: A.A. Zyuzin, A.Y. Zyuzin

Abstract: We consider a metamagnetic phase transition of itinerant electrons in the metamagnetic- ferromagnetic metal junction. The current flow...

Authors: A.V. Kalinov, O.Yu. Gorbenko, A.N. Taldenkov, J. Rohrkamp, O. Heyer, S. Jodlauk, N.A. Babushkina, L.M. Fisher, A.R. Kaul, D.I. Khomskii, K.I. Kugel, T. Lorenz

Abstract: The magnetic/spin-state phase diagram of the (Pr1-yEuy)0.7Ca0.3CoO3 series was obtained on the basis of measurements of the specific heat,...

Authors: Valentin Yu. Irkhin, Alexander V. Zarubin

Abstract: The Hubbard model with strong correlations is treated in the many-electron representation of the Hubbard's operators. The regions of...

Authors: T.I. Arbuzova, Sergey V. Naumov, Natalia V. Kostromitina

Abstract: Magnetic properties of undoped samples of lanthanum manganites in the temperature range 77-650K are reported. The ferromagnetic Curie...

Authors: Y.G. Chukalkin, A.E. Teplykh

Abstract: Ferrogarnets of the system {Y3}[Fe2-xScx](Fe3)O12 were investigated by neutron diffraction and magnetic methods. Parameters of crystal...


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