Robotics and Automation Systems

Volumes 166-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Viviana Filip, Ovidiu Antonescu

Abstract: The parallel manipulators are multi-mobile planar or spatial mechanisms with two to six kinematical chains that connect two rigid bodies,...

Authors: Viviana Filip, Alexis Negrea, Gabi Dobra

Abstract: In the first part of this paper, there are presented the computing relations for kinematic (getting the velocity and the accelerations) and...

Authors: Mihaela Florescu, Anca Petrisor, Daniela Coman

Abstract: The paper deals with a special class of robots, namely the hyper-redundant arm with continuum elements. First, the dynamic model of the...

Authors: Robert Gall, Fritz Tröster, Gheorghe Leonte Mogan, Razvan Luca

Abstract: This paper presents a novel collision-free trajectory planner for mobile car-like robot navigation in an unknown extra-road environment...

Authors: Gabriel Gorghiu, Paul Ciprian Patic, Dorin Cârstoiu

Abstract: In the last period, the quality and productivity of arc welding operations increased more than ever, especially in the areas that require...

Authors: Tiberiu Pavel Itul, Doina Liana Pisla

Abstract: In the paper a very simple parallel robot intended for some celestial orientation applications (satellite dishes, sun trackers, cameras,...

Authors: Nicolae Joni, Andreea Dobra

Abstract: The paper deals with the kinematics structures of the peripheral devices used in robotic welding systems. There are two categories of such...

Authors: Alice Kirchheim, Wolfgang Echelmeyer

Abstract: Due to the globalization companies are forced to implement efficient processes. Automation is a chance to reduce costs especially for...

Authors: Ciprian Lapusan, Vistrian Maties, Radu Balan, Olimpiu Hancu

Abstract: In the design process of mechatronic systems rapid control prototyping had became an indispensable method for developing and testing control...

Authors: Mee Seub Lim, Hyung Bae Park, Joon Hong Lim

Abstract: This paper describes the riding robot system named by "RideBot" which is a riding robot like as a horse. In order to simulate the riding...


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