Robotics and Automation Systems

Volumes 166-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Erwin Christian Lovasz, Dan Perju, Nicolae Mircea Dehelean, Liana Maria Dehelean, Inocentiu Maniu, Cristian Moldovan

Abstract: The manipulators, used to handling products or devices in industrial departments, needs to be self-balanced in order to compensate the...

Authors: Razvan Luca, Fritz Tröster, Robert Gall, Carmen Simion

Abstract: We are presenting a feature based mapping procedure applied on data reduction to the relevant information used for autonomous navigation....

Authors: Mihai Margaritescu, Ana Maria Eulampia Ivan, Vlad Vaduva, Cornel Brisan

Abstract: The double hexapod robot consists in two staged hexapod platforms – Stewart Gough platforms - combining in a certain measure the advantages...

Authors: Nicolae Marian, Alin Drimus, Arne Bilberg

Abstract: Flexible grasping robots are needed for enabling automated, profitable and competitive production of small batch sizes including complex...

Authors: Lavinia Cristina Mic, Viorel Ispas, Adriana Claudia Horvat

Abstract: By using the finite displacements theory, this paper establishes relations of dependency between the initial and the final positions of the...

Authors: Rares Ciprian Mîndru, Vistrian Maties, Ciprian Lapusan, Ioan Adrian Cosma

Abstract: The paper proposes a large approach to pneumatic systems starting from the mathematical laws, written in the form of differential equations,...

Authors: Florina Moldovan, Valer Dolga

Abstract: In this article is presented a short classification for walking robots that are based on leg locomotion and the main objectives that walking...

Authors: Iuliu Negrean, Ioan Vuscan, Claudiu Schonstein, Kalman Kacso, Adina Duca, Calin Negrean

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to determine the dynamic equations for a hybrid robot structure which consists of a mobile robot named...

Authors: Iuliu Negrean, Claudiu Schonstein, Kalman Kacso, Calin Negrean, Adina Duca

Abstract: In this paper the dynamics equations for a mobile robot, named PatrolBot, will be developed, using new concepts in advanced mechanics, based...

Authors: Chris Nikolopoulos, Deitra Kuester, Mark Sheehan, Sneha Dhanya, William Herring, Andrew Becker, Lauralyn Bogart

Abstract: Socially Assistive Robotics is a newly emerging area of robotics where robots are used to help a human through social interaction. This...


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