Robotics and Automation Systems

Volumes 166-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mihai Stoica, Gabriela Andreea Calangiu, Francisc Sisak

Abstract: Regarding the grabbing of the objects by the robots, countless researches have been made. In particular it has been researched for...

Authors: Christian Sturm, Dieter Schramm

Abstract: Tendon based parallel manipulators are capable of realizing movement of high speed and acceleration. In order to perform tasks that require...

Authors: Mihai Olimpiu Tatar, Adrian Alutei, Claudiu Cirebea

Abstract: In this paper, the authors present an in-pipe modular robotic system for inspection inside pipes with diameters ranged between 140 and 200...

Authors: Adrian Alutei, Mihai Olimpiu Tatar, Claudiu Cirebea

Abstract: This paper deals with aspects related to modeling, simulation and development of the drive and control systems for a modular robotic system...

Authors: Iosif Tempea, Adriana Livadariu

Abstract: This paper, presents first, using Polya’s theorem of enumeration of distinct structures, the number of closed plane five-link kinematics...

Authors: Ozan Tokatli, Volkan Patoglu

Abstract: Whenever mechanical devices are used to interact with the environment, accurate control of the forces occurring at the interaction surfaces...

Authors: Tudor Sabin Topoleanu, Gheorghe Leonte Mogan

Abstract: In this paper we present a general structure of a cognitive control system that allows a mobile robot to behave semi-autonomously while...

Authors: Radu Tarca, Ovidiu Moldovan, Csokmai Lehel Szabolcs

Abstract: In this paper is presented a possible method for controlling a robot, in this particular case a SCARA robot by using a capacitive 3D hand...

Authors: Razvan Vlad Vasiu, Cornel Brisan

Abstract: Road design aims at the selection of geometric design parameters resulting in a road environment which can be used in driving simulators, in...

Authors: Steliana Vatau, Valentin Ciupe, Inocentiu Maniu

Abstract: With advances in science and technology, the interest to study the animals walking has developed the demand for building the legged robots....


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