Robotics and Automation Systems

Volumes 166-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mircea Coman, Balan Radu

Abstract: This paper presents the implementation in the Matlab/Simulink environment of an application for measuring distances using a video camera....

Authors: Andrei Comsa, Inocentiu Maniu, Erwin Christian Lovasz

Abstract: In this paper is presented the 3D acquisition and reconstruction process of complex geometry objects: two types of hip and cervical-cephalic...

Authors: Ioan Adrian Cosma, Vistrian Măties, Ciprian Lapusan, Rares Ciprian Mîndru

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to describe an approach for modeling the dynamic behavior of a positioning system actuated by two shape memory alloy...

Authors: Akos Csiszar, Cornel Brisan

Abstract: This paper presents a modular method to compute the workspace of parallel robot with 6 degrees of freedom. For the generation of the...

Authors: Ionut Dinulescu, Dorin Popescu, Mircea Nitulescu, Alice Predescu

Abstract: Recent advances in the domains of social and life artificial intelligence have constituted the basis for a new discipline that studies...

Authors: Valer Dolga, Lia Dolga

Abstract: The grip operation requires grippers as end effectors, behaving analogous to the human grasping organ, irrespectively if it is performed in...

Authors: Ioan Doroftei, Bogdan Stirbu

Abstract: One of the main issues of a mobile robot is to move in tight areas, to avoid obstacles, finding its way to the next location. These...

Authors: Florin Dragomir, Paul Ciprian Patic, Otilia Elena Dragomir

Abstract: The paper describes a intelligent robot with two stepper motor and microcontroller PIC16F84A for obstacles avoiding (IRSMP). An experimental...

Authors: Mihai Duguleana, Florin Grigore Barbuceanu

Abstract: In this paper are presented some of the main issues in designing and developing of mobile robots in virtual environments that can be used...

Authors: Adrian Dumitriu

Abstract: The paper presents some author’s experiments carried out within the frame of a research project and destined to endow mobile robot modules...


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