Liquid Crystals and Related Materials II

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.V.V. Nagi Reddy, P.V. Datta Prasad, K. Fakruddin, R. Jeevan Kumar, D. Madhavi Latha, V.G.K.M. Pisipati

Abstract: The liquid crystalline compounds viz, N-(p-n-decyloxybenzylidene)-p-n-octadecyl aniline, 10O.18,...

Authors: Wen Qing Huang, Pei Pei Liu, Bing Bing Wang, Xu Ying Liu, Wen Guang Wang

Abstract: A hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene (HBC) derivative, substituted at periphery by six swallow-tailed alkyl chains containing ether linkages, has...

Authors: Jie Peng, Qing Bin Xue, Hong Ru Chen, Ling Min Sun, Run Tao Dong

Abstract: Thermal properties and phase behavior of series of main chain copolymers containing oligomeric-L-LA segments (OLLA) and biphenol groups were...

Authors: Ming Xia Zhang, Chun Xiu Zhang, Jia Ling Pu, Hao Wu, Gui Sen Fang

Abstract: A novel triphenylene-based discotic liquid crystal compound 2-(8-bromooctanoic acid ester)-3,6,7,10,11-penta-pentyloxytriphenylene was...

Authors: Ming Tao Run, Yu Zhong, Bing Tao Xing, Qing Han, Qing Chang Zhang

Abstract: In this article, the phase morphology and mechanical properties of poly (trimethylene terephthalate)/maleinized poly (octene-ethylene)...

Authors: Sha Sun, Wen Cai Xu, Chun Xiu Zhang, Hao Wu

Abstract: In this paper, (E)-4-(2-(4-(allyloxy) phenyl) diazenyl) benzoic acid and (E)-4-(2-(4-(hexyloxy) phenyl) diazenyl) benzoic acid were...

Authors: Qing Lan Ma, Bao Gai Zhai, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: A rod-like liquid crystal (LC) N,N-(terephthalylidene) bis (4-n-butylaniline) (TB4A) was synthesized by one step at room temperature....

Authors: Yu Jiang, Xu Ying Liu, Rui Cheng, Wen Guang Wang, Jia Ling Pu

Abstract: In this paper, a novel protocol of akylation to tolan using CuI/HMPA as catalyst for synthesizing alkyl-substituted hexabenzocoronene (HBC)...

Authors: Xin De Tang, Fa Qi Yu, Ye Chen, Xin Wang, Mei Shan Pei

Abstract: Novel polyfluorene derivatives with azobenzene moieties to attaching to the polymer backbone via a flexible alkyl spacer were synthesized by...

Authors: Teng Zhou Yang, Rui Cheng, Xu Ying Liu, Wen Guang Wang, Jia Ling Pu

Abstract: Two kinds of novel unsymmetric imidazolium salts based ionic liquid crystals (1- [4-(dodecyloxy) phenyl]-3-hexyl/octyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium...


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