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Authors: Zhong Liang Pan, Ling Chen
III. Display Technologies
Abstract:The circuits should be tested extensively during the production process, the power consumption in a circuit during test mode can be higher...
Authors: Dennis Cheng, Dixon Fung, Karl Guttag
III. Display Technologies
Abstract:The progress in digital high resolution, small pixel liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) microdisplays will be discussed and how it will lead to...
Authors: Li Guan, Xue Quan Zhao, Yi Ping Zhong, Ping Liu, Wen Ji Deng
III. Display Technologies
Abstract:For the purpose of developing novel electrochromic materials, star-shaped oligothiophene derivatives with phenyl core, 1,3,5-tris...
Authors: Qi Bin Feng, Hao Tong, Guo Qiang Lv
III. Display Technologies
Abstract:The paper proposes a global backlight dimming algorithm for CR enhancement and power reduction. S-shaped function is involved to help improve...
Authors: Yuan Ming Huang
III. Display Technologies
Abstract:Soluble polypyrrole was obtained by naturally oxidizing pyrrole in air at room temperature for one to four years. Fourier transform infrared...
Authors: Zhong Liang Pan, Ling Chen, Guang Zhao Zhang
III. Display Technologies
Abstract:The defects of LED wafer may be caused from the manufacturing environments such as contamination. The appearance of the defects can results...
Authors: David Statman, Andrew Jockers, Daniel Brennan
IV. Applications of Liquid Crystals
Abstract:Chiral nematic liquid crystals prepared with Grandjean texture demonstrate a photonic bandgap whose central wavelength is proportional to the...
Authors: Dai Li, Lin Ling Bai, Zi Qiang Huang
IV. Applications of Liquid Crystals
Abstract:Based on liquid crystal electrically controlled birefringence, the paper theoretically deduces liquid crystal variable retarders’ (LCVRs)...
Authors: Hong Yu Xing, Wen Jiang Ye, Nai Fu Wu, Li Bin Si, Zhi Dong Zhang
IV. Applications of Liquid Crystals
Abstract:By means of the full leaky guided mode technique, the transmittance of the full leaky waveguide geometry which consists of pyramid, matching...
Authors: Ji Hong Zheng, Zeng Jun Zhou, Ping Yu Tang, Yan Meng Jiang
IV. Applications of Liquid Crystals
Abstract:An electrically controlled optical chopper based on holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal grating (H-PDLC) and its application within...
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