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Authors: Yang Yang, Di Yin, Xuan Wang, Fu Qiang Tian, Qing Quan Lei, Jing Shi, Rui Xiong
V. Related Materials
Abstract:Corona aging of 100CR polyimide (PI) film under bipolar pulse voltage was studied by using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Confocal Raman...
Authors: Xue Quan Zhao, Li Guan, Yi Ping Zhong, Ping Liu, Wen Ji Deng
V. Related Materials
Abstract:In order to understand the influence of morphology of vacuum-evaporated conjugated organic thin film on organic photovoltaic performance,...
Authors: Gang Xiong
V. Related Materials
Abstract:The effects of B2O3 on the sinter ability and microwave dielectric properties of Ca...
Authors: Ming Ji Shi, Lei Xiong, Lan Li Chen
V. Related Materials
Abstract:It is necessary to improve the open circuit voltage of amorphous silicon solar cells for its applications. In this paper, we discuss the...
Authors: H.Y. Wang, Y.C. Yang, L. Le, Y. Liu, J.H. Wei, Rui Xiong, J. Shi
V. Related Materials
Abstract:Pure α-Bi2O3 with nanoneedle array structure was synthesized directly by hydrothermal method. The optic...
Authors: Lan Li Chen, Ming Ji Shi, Jia Hui Yu
V. Related Materials
Abstract:A new tunnel-recombination junction model was proposed to increase the recombination of n/p junctions in tandem solar cells. According to the...
Authors: Sheng Zhao Wang, Xiao Yan Tang, Ying Peng Yin, Lan Li Chen, Li Na Zhang, Ding Zhen Li, Da Yong Huang
V. Related Materials
Abstract:ZrO2 –PVP thin films were prepared with sol-gel and spin coating method. The films were characterized or examined by many kinds of...
Authors: Cai Juan Xia, Han Chen Liu, Ying Tang Zhang
V. Related Materials
Abstract:The electronic transport of the single molecule via different anchoring groups is studied using density functional theory in conjunction with...
Authors: Yi Ding, Xiao Jun Xu, Zhang Hua Gan, Rui Xiong, Hai Lin Liu
V. Related Materials
Abstract:TiO2 nanoparticles doped with different cobalt concentrations were fabricated by using so-gel method. The crystal structures and...
Authors: Zhang Hua Gan, Jun Bo Guo, Jing Liu, Zhi Hong Lu
V. Related Materials
Abstract:Co2.73Fe0.27O4 nanoparticles were synthesized using the heat-decomposition method followed by annealing...
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