Liquid Crystals and Related Materials II

Volumes 181-182

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Lan Ma, Bao Gai Zhai, Rui Xiong, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: Rod-like liquid crystals N-(4-methoxybenzylidene)-4-n-alkoxybenzenamine (MBnBA, n = 1, 2, 10) were synthesized and then were...

Authors: M. Ramakrishna Nanachara Rao, P.V. Datta Prasad, V.G.K.M. Pisipati, D. Madhavi Latha

Abstract: Refractive indices measurements are carried out in four alkoxy benzylidene anilines viz., N-(p-n-methoxy and ethoxy...

Authors: Ya Zhang, Chang Long Cai, Xiao Ling Niu, Wei Guo Liu

Abstract: In this paper, based on the optical rotation property of cholesteric liquid crystals, a new system for studying the optical readout infrared...

Authors: Yuan Ming Huang, Qing Lan Ma, Bao Gai Zhai

Abstract: A liquid crystal (LC) N,N-(terephthalylidene) bis (4-octyloxyaniline) (TBO10A) was synthesized at room temperature. The LC TBO10A were...

Authors: P.V. Datta Prasad, G. Padmaja Rani, V.G.K.M. Pisipati

Abstract: The nature of the phase transitions across isotropic–nematic (IN) and nematic–smectic-A (N-SmA) are carried out using density measurements...

Authors: Hao Wu, Chun Xiu Zhang, Jia Ling Pu, Ya Nan Li, Ming Xia Zhang, Gui Sen Fang

Abstract: Cholesteric liquid crystals elastomers have been extensively studied during the last two decades. They showed Bragg-reflection in visible,...

Authors: Xin De Tang, Tie Shi Wang, Ye Chen, Fa Qi Yu, Mei Shan Pei

Abstract: Novel conjugated polythiophene derivatives with azobenzene moieties to attaching to the polymer backbone via a flexible alkyl spacer were...

Authors: Ji Lei Li, Wei Min Zhang, Yu Lei Zhao, Jia Ling Pu

Abstract: The synthesis and free-radical polymerization of the acrylates monomer containing photosensitive chalcone group and the acrylates monomer...

Authors: Qing Lan Ma, Bao Gai Zhai, Rui Xiong, Yuan Ming Huang

Abstract: A rod-like liquid crystal (LC) N,N-(terephthalaldehyde) bis (4-n-hexadecyloxyaniline) (TBO16A) was synthesized and investigated by nuclear...

Authors: Chun Xiu Zhang, Jia Ling Pu, Hao Wu, Ao Zhang, Ming Xia Zhang, Gui Sen Fang

Abstract: A side chain triphenylene-based polysiloxane were synthesized from...


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