Self-Formation Theory and Applications

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Pugžlys, P.R. Hania, C. Didraga, J. Knoester, K. Duppen

Abstract: The linear and nonlinear optical properties of pure 3,3'-bis(3-carboxypropyl)-5,5',6,6'- tetrachloro-1,1'-dioctylbenzimidacarbocyanine...

Authors: P.R. Hania, A. Pugžlys, L.N. Lucas, J.J.D. de Jong, J. van Esch, B. Feringa, K. Duppen

Abstract: The structural and optical properties of the gel-forming photochromic switch 1,2-bis(2’-methyl-5’-{{((R)...

Authors: R. Navickas, M. Romanov

Abstract: The model of the evolution of nano- and microstructures in the self-formation process of underetching (lateral etching) layers was created...

Authors: V. Poderys, A. Selskis, R. Rotomskis

Abstract: An understanding of both the interactions between the adsorbate molecules and the interactions between adsorbates and the surface is a...

Authors: R. Augulis, J. Tamulienė, Arvydas Tamulis, R. Rotomskis

Abstract: The mechanism and conditions of meso-tetra (4-sulfonatophenyl) porphine (TPPS4) molecular aggregate formation and their...

Authors: R. Navickas, R. Kirvaitis

Abstract: The analysis for basic processes of self-formation microstructure in technologies of manufacturing semiconductor devices and integrated...

Authors: R. Navickas, R. Ciulada

Abstract: A model of the evolution geometry technological masks and underlaying layers in the lateral etching processes is created for analysis and...

Authors: Albinas J. Marcinkevičius

Abstract: Most of researchers at research of "self evicted vibrations" in machining state that they are resulted by passing of force stability...

Authors: Loreta Rasteniene, Stasys Pajeda, Rimas Vaisnoras

Abstract: We have studied transmission and linear dichroism spectra of synthetic opal, refractive index n- = 1.342, infiltrated with...

Authors: N.V. Gaponenko, I.S. Molchan, A.A. Lutich, S.V. Gaponenko

Abstract: Xerogels doped with lanthanides embedded in mesoporous matrices are known to exhibit intensive lanthanides-related photoluminescence (PL)....


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