Solid State Phenomena

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Edited by: V. Ustinov
Online since: December 2010
Description: The purpose of this special collection of peer-reviewed papers was to provide an opportunity for scientists from all over the world to share details of recent advances in the physics of magnetic materials.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The work is divided into: I. To the Memory of S.V.Vonsovsky, II. Spin-Polarized Transport, III. Spin Dynamics, Spin Waves, Spin-Wave Resonance, IV. Spin Reorientation Phase Transitions, V. Spin-Orbit and Exchange Interactions, Magnetic Anisotropy and Magnetostriction, VI. Dynamics of Domain Structures and Domain Walls, VII. Magnetic Nanostructures and Films, VIII. Magnetism and Nanomaterials, IX. Low-Dimensional Magnetism, X. Magnetism of Strongly Correlated Systems, XI. Magnetotransport and Magneto-Optics.


Edited by: Cornel Brișan, Vistrian Mătieș, Sergiu-Dan Stan and Stelian Brad
Online since: September 2010
Description: This volume consists of a collection of papers arising from the 5th International Conference on Robotics – ROBOTICS 2010, which was held in Cluj-Napoca, from the 23rd to the 25th September, 2010, and was organized by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Department of Mechanisms, Precision Mechanics and Mechatronics, and the Romanian Society of Robotics (SRR).
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The presentations covered the topics of: Robotics; Mechanical design of robot architectures, Sensors and actuators in robotics; Mobile robots navigation and obstacle avoidance; Mechatronics; Industrial automation, process control, manufacturing processes and automation; Micro- and nano-robots, parallel robots; Artificial intelligence, intelligent control, neuro-control, fuzzy control and their applications; Control system modeling, simulation techniques and methodologies; Biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics and artificial organs; Tele-operation, tele-robotics, haptics, and tele-operated semi-autonomous systems; Robotics for automobile production; Virtual reality. The book thus constitutes a timely overview of this important subject.


Edited by: Andrejus H. Marcinkevičius and Algirdas V.Valiulis
Online since: June 2010
Description: Mechatronics can be defined as being the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the manufacture of products and design of processes. Advanced engineering materials and related technologies increasingly rely upon multifunctional materials, materials resistant to extreme conditions and hybrid and multi-materials.


Edited by: Andrejus H. Marcinkevičius and Algirdas V.Valiulis
Online since: June 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The aim of this collection was to provide an opportunity for the sharing of information and to facilitate cooperation in mechatronics and new materials research, and to disseminate new research results in this multi-disciplinary field.


Edited by: Danuta Stróż & Małgorzata Karolus
Online since: June 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The goal of this collection is to provide an opportunity for researchers working in many different fields to showcase their latest achievements in the area of structural studies, as applied to the materials commonly used in industry. Emphasis is placed upon topics such as the development of methods and techniques in X-ray studies, crystal structure determination methods, the crystallography of phase transformations, texture analysis, material structures – metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, thin films, quasicrystals, amorphous materials, nanomaterials and molecular crystals.


Edited by: Maria K. Nowotny and Janusz Nowotny
Online since: June 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
The goal of this special volume was to provide a unique opportunity to exchange information, to present the latest results and to review relevant issues affecting  contemporary diffusion research. The large number (over 232) of peer-reviewed papers emphasizes the considerable academic and industrial interest in this field.


Edited by: Nandyala Sooraj Hussain and José Domingos Santos
Online since: June 2010
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
The papers presented in this special issue, “Glass Science and its Applications”, cover the physics and chemistry of conventional glasses, sol gel glasses and glass ceramic materials as used in technological and biomedical applications; for example, the first paper describes the optimization of ormosil glasses for luminescence-based dissolved-oxygen sensor applications. Here, the main aim was to prepare and evaluate various sol gel film compositions in order to identify those most promising for oxygen sensing.


Edited by: H. Klein and R.A. Schwarzer
Online since: February 2010
Description: The great majority of solid-state materials – natural as well as man-made ones – have a polycrystalline structure. They consist of crystallites having various sizes, shapes and crystallographic orientations. Because of the anisotropy of crystal properties, the material as a whole may also be anisotropic if the orientation distribution of the crystallites is not random. Furthermore, because of the differently oriented anisotropies of neighbouring crystals, the material is also micro-inhomogeneous. Macroscopic anisotropy and micro-inhomogeneity are thus fundamental properties of all polycrystalline materials. Therefore, the study of preferred crystal orientations, or crystallographic texture, is of major interest in research and industrial applications. Analysis of the crystal texture is now a well-established tool for quality control and failure analysis in industry, as well as in academic research, because of the ready availability of commercial equipment and refined computer programs.


Edited by: Lilyana Kolakieva and Roumen Kakanakov
Online since: January 2010
Description: This special collection of peer-reviewed papers focuses on the technology, characterization and equipment required for handling nanocomposite films and hard and superhard coatings. It also covers subjects related to the development, properties and methods for the characterization of nanostructured materials for: solid-state electronics and energy technologies; nanocomposite films, hard and superhard coatings, tribological / corrosion-resistant coatings; surfaces and interfaces; nano-sensors, nanodevices and nanosystems, Equipment for deposition and characterization of nanocomposite films and industrial application of hard and superhard coatings.


Edited by: M. Kittler and H. Richter
Online since: October 2009
Description: This collection aims to address the fundamental aspects, as well as the technological problems, which are associated with defects in electronic materials and devices.


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