Solid State Phenomena

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Edited by: J. Lendvai
Online since: August 1997
Description: Many important properties of materials are governed by the microstructures which have evolved during their prior treatment. Therefore, the characterisation of structures and the understanding of structural changes has always been a central problem in any discipline which deals with materials.


Edited by: R.M. Mehra and P.C. Mathur
Online since: August 1997
Description: The subject area of electronic devices has undergone a rapid expansion in recent years. New developments are continually accurring all over the world. Progress in the field of electronic devices is, however, dependent upon the production and characterization of device grade material. The science and technology of electronic materials has attracted somewhat less attention, as compared with device development.


Edited by: Aldo Ferrari
Online since: August 1997
Description: This volume presents the most recent results concerning the various approaches to obtaining light emission from silicon.

This dream of silicon technologists is inspired by the fact that an efficient and stable silicon light emitting device would open the way to the production of monolithic optoelectronic integrated circuits, that were based entirely upon silicon. In fact, some of the main building blocks of optoelectronic devices, such as waveguides and photodetectors have already been developed by using silicon technology. The above possibility would sharply reduce the price of optoelectronic circuits as compared with hybrid ones.


Edited by: Yu. L. Khait
Online since: May 1997
Description: This book presents the central ideas in the nanoscopic electron-affected stochastic dynamics of atomic diffusion in solids. Great care has been taken to develop the basic concepts, as well as to make the reader familiar with the application of the theory to various materials and experimental situations.


Edited by: S. Pizzini, H.P. Strunk and J.H. Werner
Online since: May 1996
Description: The present volume covers many aspects of semiconductors, over the wide structural range from nano- to large-grained crystalline. Scientists working on polycrystalline semiconductors, with various chemistries, here review fundamental research, technology and applications.


Edited by: F.A. Lewis and A. Aladjem
Online since: January 1996
Description: This Handbook/Databook contains hundreds of completely updated figures and tables. The authors are among the most prominent in the field - and each is a specialist in the subject matter of his peer reviewed contribution.


Edited by: H. Richter, M. Kittler and C. Claeys
Online since: July 1995
Description: At the present time, Si-based technology is undergoing a transition to the next generation of substrates, having a diameter of 300 mm. The fundamental physical limits are being approached in terms of miniaturization, increased chip area, faster switching speeds, and diversity of operations. This raises the question of the intrinsic limits of the currently predominant semiconductor, silicon, and of those circumstances where it may be advantageous to turn to materials such as GaAs, InP, or SiC.


Edited by: Hans Neber-Aeschbacher
Online since: July 1995
Description: Ever since the work of W.E. Spear and P.G. LeComber had proved that an amorphous semiconductor could indeed also be substitutionally doped, research in the respective field has seen an nearly unprecedented development. The role of hydrogen in atomic and electronic structure as well as in the doping mechanism remains an outstanding problem addressed both to theoreticians and experimentalists, and a highly interesting challenge both to the scientist as well as the engineer.


Edited by: G. Ananthakrishna, L.P. Kubin and G. Martin
Online since: April 1995
Description: Instabilities and patterning in driven materials are two related topics in materials science to which increasing attention has been paid in the past few years, leading to the emergence of a fastly expanding and pluridisciplinary domain. Theoretical approaches as well as simulations have yielded bases for modelling the kinetics and the dynamics of mutually interacting populations of objects, as well as various transitions towards organized configurations far from equilibrium.


Edited by: Jerzy Jedlinski
Online since: February 1995
Description: This volume focuses on how understanding of diffusion and reaction mechanisms affects the development of materials with the improved service properties.


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