Solid State Phenomena

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Edited by: A.C.D. Chaklader and J.A. Lund
Online since: January 1992
Description: The volume presents the proceedings of th 5th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Sintering. All contributions have been reviewed by at least one member of the editorial board.


Edited by: G. Martin and L.P. Kubin
Online since: January 1992
Description: One of the main characteristics of materials science is that it deals with properties which often deviate from linear relationships when compared with such parameters as temperature, pressure, and concentration. The reasons for this behavior of materials are twofold: the speed of linear reaction can vary greatly, and abrupt changes may occur in the static or dynamic states of self-organisation.


Edited by: J. Nowotny
Online since: January 1992
Description: Transport processes in nonstoichiometric compounds are of considerable importance to engineering-related disciplines such as the high temperature corrosion of metals and sintering of ceramics. Therefore, there is a need of exchange of information between scientists involved in basic research on diffusion in solids and those involved in applied research on subjects such as high temperature oxidation of metals and alloys and corrosion inhibition.


Edited by: M. Kittler and H. Richter
Online since: January 1991
Description: The volume contains 78 contributions to the important field of semiconductor defect control and defect engineering.


Edited by: K. Sangwal and R. Rodriguez-Clemente
Online since: January 1991
Description: The book covers all aspects of the micromorphology of as-grown, etched, abraded and lapped, and fractured surfaces of single and polycrystalline solids, and glasses of as diverse substances as insulators, semiconductors, metals and polymers.


Edited by: J. Nowotny
Online since: January 1991
Description: Interface processes play an important role in the processing of ceramics, standardization of catalysts, oxidation of metals and preparation of electronic materials. In many cases, interfaces may entirely control the material properties.


Edited by: J. Przyluski
Online since: January 1991
Description: High molecular chemical compounds show many interesting physico-chemical properties. Electronically and ionically conducting polymers seem to be the most interesting materials, both from a theoretical point of view and with regard to possible applications.


Edited by: Ch. Kleint, R. Meclewski and S. Surma
Online since: January 1991


Edited by: J. du Plessis
Online since: January 1991
Description: The book presents the fundamental aspects of surface segregation theory. The material is presented in a self-contained manner and mathematical procedures are worked through in some cases in order to provide the reader with the necessary opportunity to realize the restrictions under which the expressions are valid.


Edited by: J.C. Bourgoin
Online since: January 1991
Description: The DX center is a defect present in Gallium Arsenide and related alloys when these materials are doped with n-type impurities.


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