Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Jiang Chen, Yue Hai Wu

Abstract: Creep relaxation is an important form of system failure, how to understand and analyze the effect of creep relaxation, to solve system...

Authors: An Guo Huang, Shu Hui Hu, Zhi Yuan Li, Yong Yang Wang

Abstract: To figure out the elements distribution in the seams, laser welding was carried out on the Al plates which coating with Si powder and Cu...

Authors: Jin Xiao Liu, Zeng De Yin, Wen Bin Sun

Abstract: This article aims at the accelerating characteristic of coal filling material. We scientifically made a series of proportion on...

Authors: Xi An Wang, Fei Mao, Qi Min Zhang, Jun Lian He

Abstract: High content of paraffin for condensate gas reservoir in Dalaoba and the precipitation of paraffin seriously affect the production and...

Authors: Jin Xiao Liu, Wei Jia Guo, Wen Bin Sun, Xin Guo Zhang

Abstract: The paper sets up mechanical model according to the characteristics of paste filling stope and determines the basic model units which are...

Authors: Feng Zeng, Shan Yao, Zhong Fei Jiao, Shu Ming Zhao, Tong Yang

Abstract: A rapid casting method for complex parts is presented. In this method, casting moulds with complex cavity are manufactured by self-created...

Authors: Shao Pu Yu, Kai Bi Zhang, Rong Luo

Abstract: On the basis of research on the steel enterprise information system in the current domestic small and medium-scale iron and discovery of the...

Authors: Yan Guo Shi, Lei Qian, Na Zhang, Chun Ran Han, Ying Liu, Yi Fang Zhang, Yong Qiang Ma

Abstract: The transglutaminase was purified through alcohol precipitation, ammonium sulphate precipitation, ultrafiltration, gel layer chromatography,...

Authors: Yu Yang He, Xiao Xiong Jin

Abstract: The width of band gap is calculated with lumped mass method in order to study the wave propagation of longitudinal and transverse elastic...

Authors: Li Qin Wang, Xiu Li Zhao, Xiang Ni Yang, Yang Han, Rui Jun Zhang, Yu Lin Yang

Abstract: The TiO2 particles were synthesized in the solvothermal method, and they were characterized by the means of scanning electron microscopy...


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