Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Zhong Wang, Zhao Dan Sun, Li Jie Cao

Abstract: Studied the vibration performance of honeycomb paperboard with double cross-core, obtained vibration transmissibility curve of honeycomb...

Authors: Lu Li, Fang Wang

Abstract: Backward extrusion process of aluminum-alloy wheel forging is analyzed by the finite element method. The influence of punch speed and...

Authors: Shou Ren Wang, Ying Zi Wang, Li Ying Yang, Ru Ma, Yong Wang

Abstract: The experimental data present that primary silicon is precipitated from eutectic and hypoeutectic Al–Si alloy melts. It attributes to solute...

Authors: Zhi Gen Yu, Bai Qing Zhou

Abstract: The conductive plastic is widely used in making sensitive materials such as angular displacement sensors with high-precision. The resistive...

Authors: Yong Liang Zhang, Zhi Yuan Li

Abstract: Cutting chatter is a kind of severe vibration generating from the interaction of machine tool system and cutting process and it will...

Authors: Yi Jun Chen, Qing Hai Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the nonlinear mapping relationship between characteristic parameters of failures and failure types is realized by using...

Authors: Guo Lan Huan, Jian Li Liu, Qi Yun Du, Xiao Yu Hu

Abstract: Polyvinylidene fluoride/polyurethane (PVDF/PU) blend membranes were made via immersion precipitation process, the surface morphologies and...

Authors: Qiu Min Wu, Ji Mei Wu, Rui Wang

Abstract: The method of computer simulation was adopted in researching the dynamic property of the inking system of offset press. The Matlab simulate...

Authors: Ying Nan Guo, Qin Sun, Ling Wu

Abstract: The ballistic properties of different thickness combinations of ceramic/UHMWPE composite armors were studied in this paper, in order to find...

Authors: Yuan Ting Li, Qi Gang Han, Ming Zhe Li, Peng Xiao Feng

Abstract: In order to save the manufacturing cost and solve problems of stamping, a new type of flexible blank-drawer (FBD) forming device was...


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