Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Jie Wen, Guang Peng Qin, Li You Pan, Lian Jun Chen

Abstract: By dint of nonlinear mechanics theory and method, and based on rock creep characters, do some analysis to the model of rock mechanics, so we...

Authors: Hong Tao Wang, Yan Feng Guo, Guang Lin Luo

Abstract: Molded pulp material has been paid much attention for the cushioning package, yet there is no perfect method for evaluate the cushioning...

Authors: Zi Li Jin, Hui Ping Ren, Li Zhen Guo, Sheng Mei Ma

Abstract: With the help of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD ) and orientation distribution function (ODF) analysis, experiments of the different...

Authors: Wei Dai, Yu Ye Zhang

Abstract: Molecular dynamics simulation has been employed to investigate the adsorption behavior of glutamic acid and aspartic acid on Cu (001)...

Authors: Yue Xin Ma, Yue Jun Liu, Long Wang, De Chang Zeng, Yu Hua Tan

Abstract: The microstructures of 11 kinds of commercial steels quenched from high temperature were deeply studied by optical microscope and canning...

Authors: Yi Cui, Guang Ning Wu, Yang Luo, Kai Jiang Cao

Abstract: The inverter-fed traction motor is one of the key components in the locomotive. However, the motor insulation failures have repeatedly...

Authors: Hong Bo Zheng, You Song Sun, Mian Li, Can Biao Xian

Abstract: To satisfy the requirements of rapidity, stability and accuracy in positioning of pump-control electro-hydraulic servo system, the paper...

Authors: Ke Sheng Wang, Jian Lin Liu, Xiao Wei Chen

Abstract: An optimum process for a two-step press forging of stepped holes in a metal sheet was proposed .Numerical simulation on the two-step process...

Authors: Bai Yang Lou, Fang Li Liu, Kang Chun Luo

Abstract: The numerical simulations of mold filling and solidification process for the A380 aluminum alloy were done by the supposed mathematical...

Authors: Zhong Chao Chen, Ji Min Zhang

Abstract: For the bolts on the experiment table, there are two main kinds of forces, namely, shear force and tensile force. This paper will test these...


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