Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.Y. Wang, Y.F. Gong, T.F. Sun, P.F. Ni, Z. Liu, G.H. Gao, C.J. Li

Abstract: WC-NiCrBSi composite coatings on 0.45 % carbon steel were fabricated by laser cladding. The volume fraction (33, 43 and 60 vol. %) of WC...

Authors: Hai Hong Pan, Lin Chen, Yun Fei Zhou

Abstract: During the exposure process of a step-and-scan lithography, the transitional time between continuous scans does not produce production...

Authors: Xie Quan Liu, Yun Wei Fu, Tao Sun, Bao Feng Li

Abstract: According to the microstructures in eutectic composite ceramic containing lamellae, the four phase model, which is composed of lamellae,...

Authors: Jian Min Yu, Zhi Min Zhang, Qiang Wang, Bao Hong Zhang

Abstract: The influences of deformation temperature on microstructure dynamic recrystallization of 7A04-T6 ultra-high strength aluminium alloy by...

Authors: Qing Lei Xu, Tao Meng, Miao Zhou Huang

Abstract: In this paper, effects of nano-CaCO3 on compressive strength and Microstructure of high strength concrete in standard curing...

Authors: Cui Jiao Liao, Hua Xu, Zeng Ping Hai

Abstract: Two groups of porous metal bonded diamond composites (PMBDC), with and without rare earth (RE), were compacted and sintered under the same...

Authors: Zi Li Jin, Wei Li, Li Zhen Guo

Abstract: In this paper, studied was the low carbon and low silicon (0.003%C,0.3%Si) cold-rolling steel sheet whose reduction ratio was 81% annealed...

Authors: Dong Yao Liu, Xian Hu Ding

Abstract: The surface temperature and equivalent heat conductivity of Flat Plate Heat Pipe (FPHP) under different heat flux, liquid filling and tilt...

Authors: Mao Lu Wang, Yang Wang, Lei Qin, Jian Guan

Abstract: Sapphire is an important wide bandgap semiconductor material for developing UV/blue optoelectronic devices, however because of its high...

Authors: Ming Feng, Jun Wei Lian, Yong Li

Abstract: Under the condition of grease lubrication, the skewed-roller slipping clutch was experimentally studied. The experimental bench was built up...


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