Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Min Zhao, Li Zhu

Abstract: An image hided-data detection method is proposed combining 2-D Markov chain model and Support Vector Machines (SVM) by the paper, in which...

Authors: Qiang Gao, Xin Wei, Zhen Nan Wang, Dan Tong Na

Abstract: An imaging processing method for the linear array antenna ISAR (LAA ISAR) was concerned in this paper. Range-Doppler algorithm was adopted...

Authors: Jian Wan, Yuan Peng Diao, Dong Mei Yan, Qiang Guo, Zhen Shen Qu

Abstract: A Robert operator edge detection algorithm based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition (BEMD) to detect medical liquid opacity is...

Authors: Hai Tao Wang, Zong Pu Jia, Qian Zhao

Abstract: Wireless Ad Hoc Network is a distributed self-organizing networking with no infrastructure and central control. To probe the unknown...

Authors: Xiu Kun Li, Qi Yong Wang

Abstract: The detection of buried targets in shallow water is a tough task in the presence of sea-bottom reverberation. Because both target echo and...

Authors: Zhong Ming Wang, Yong Zheng Zhou

Abstract: In order to eliminate the negative effect of temperature to automobile pressure sensor whose environment temperature changes from-40°C to...

Authors: Xin Li, Guang Ming Xiong, Yu Wen Hu, Wen Bin Li, Yan Jiang, Jian Wei Gong, Hui Yan Chen

Abstract: This paper presents our initial studies on comparing properties of two laser scanners. The research mainly consists of two parts: tests on...

Authors: Ge Qun Liu, Xiao Ming Xu

Abstract: Limitation of synchronizing speed is a key feature for finite time synchronization of complex networks. We studied such limitations as...

Authors: Peng Bai, Juan Zao Ji, Peng Liu, Dao Tian Geng

Abstract: As for the problem that component gas characteristic spectrum lines overlaps seriously in the identification of Mixed Gas, Support Vector...

Authors: Guo Shun Chen, Gang Niu, Sa Sa Ma

Abstract: With the rapid development of virtual instrument technology and network technology, the networked virtual instruments appear great potential...


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