Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Yuan Sun, Jia Xing Leng, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: Ferromagnetic steel material is widely used as the bearing carrier in structure, whose stress would influence the entire security. As stress...

Authors: Biao Lai, Hui Qin Jia

Abstract: A fault diagnosis system based on the Client/Server mode is developed, which realizes the purpose of diagnosing the Telemetry Equipment...

Authors: Hong Wei Ma, Ming Dong, Yuan Chen, Qing Hua Mao

Abstract: In order to conquer the disadvantages of undetection, misjudgment and low-efficiency in ultrasonic A-scan testing for rotary parts, an...

Authors: Yue Yi Kang, Yan Ju Wang, Li Kun Yang, Yu Tian Wang

Abstract: In this paper, based on analysis of the near infrared spectral absorption of methane molecule and considering factors such as compatibility...

Authors: Zhi Le Wang, Xu Xia Zhuang, Lan Qing Zhang

Abstract: Image motion and vibration are significant factors influencing image quality of satellite-based TDI camera. In order to learn their effect...

Authors: Yi Feng Niu, Sheng Tao Xu, Wei Dong Hu

Abstract: Infrared and visible image fusion is an important precondition to realize target perception for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based on...

Authors: Yang Liu, Qian Huang, Dong Chen

Abstract: With the rapid development of interconnected power grid, the phenomenon of power system low-frequency oscillation appears unavoidably. Then,...

Authors: Qi Li, Peng Ge, Hua Jun Feng, Zhi Hai Xu

Abstract: Since joint transform correlator (JTC) cannot directly detect the displacement between reference and target images without adequate...

Authors: Min Wang, Jie Chen, Niu Liu, Ya Wang

Abstract: Mid-infrared lasers are very suitable for high-sensitive trace-gases detection for their wavelengths cover the fundamental absorption lines...

Authors: Ge Shi Tang, Li Li, Liang Zeng, Lue Chen, Lv Zhou

Abstract: By using a four port Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), a caesium clock, a time-interval counter and a signal source to measure the delay of CEI...


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