Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Ping Jia, Lin Qiu, Song Lin, Ji Hua Yang

Abstract: A wireless temperature monitoring system based on fluorescence lifetime is researched in this paper, which mainly consists of the...

Authors: Yu Yao, Xing Dan Wang, Bao Qing Yang, Jian Guo

Abstract: This paper gives a new definition, the Miss Distance Sensitivity to Target Maneuvers (MDSTM), which evaluates the robustness of the Terminal...

Authors: Guan Hua Liu, Liang Zhong Yi, Zheng Pei, Da Li Hu

Abstract: The traditional algorithm of searching a new radio signal is not from the nature of the signal, but from the simple statistics and four...

Authors: Yu Fei Li, Da Cheng Wang, Dong Yan Zhang, Da Zhou Zhu

Abstract: Soil test is the key-point for formulated fertilization. The traditional chemical analysis methods for estimating soil nutritional...

Authors: Xu Guang Sun, Jing Sha He, Xiao Ling Sun, Qiu Ge Yang

Abstract: The post-disaster road monitoring system provides an interesting application area for wireless sensor networks. After the earthquake, roads...

Authors: Shu Fang Zhao, Li Chao Chen

Abstract: Data mining is the process of abstracting unaware, potential and useful information and knowledge from plentiful, incomplete, noisy, fuzzy...

Authors: Wei Guo Zhao, Xue Song Zhao

Abstract: A low-power consumption heat meter with long-distance communication was designed based on MSP430F413 and TDC-GP2. The new flow measurement...

Authors: Xiao Mei Lei

Abstract: A new dual-wavelength optic-fiber temperature sensor is introduced in this paper. Transmitted probe of this sensor system is designed. LED...

Authors: Xi En Ye, Xing Chen

Abstract: This paper proposes a hardware and software design proposal of video collection and processing used in digital multimedia microteaching...

Authors: Da Li Hu, Liang Zhong Yi, Zheng Pei, Bing Luo

Abstract: An improved project based on double thresholds method in noisy environments is proposed for robust endpoints detection. Firstly, in this...


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