Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Kui Gu, Jing Li

Abstract: The failure data of crank rod system was analyzed by using weibull parallel model on the base of the simple weibull method. The distribution...

Authors: Kun Rong Huang

Abstract: The mechanism with clearance is a nonlinear system, then using classical control theory and modern control theory cannot obtain satisfactory...

Authors: Hao Zhou, Ren Yan Jiang, Jing Song Peng

Abstract: A heavy special vehicle is used in a steel mill. The failure and repair records of the vehicle are available. The study aims to identify...

Authors: Juan Du, Xian Guo Yan, Na Sha Wei

Abstract: This paper proposed a technology of fault diagnosis for CNC machine based on hybrid neural network. Before the fault diagnosis was made, the...

Authors: Yang Lan Ou

Abstract: The proposed method in this paper indicates two issues, selection of discriminative features and classifies event classes with minimum error....

Authors: Ya Zhen Li, Jing Guan, Li Qun Huang, Jie Zhang

Abstract: In this letter, we propose a novel scheme to reduce the PAPR of OFDM signals. It combined the channel estimation in OFDM system based on...

Authors: Shu Lin Cui, Xu Li

Abstract: Digital down converter (DDC) is based on the theory of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and multirate signal processing, extensively applied in...

Authors: Rong Fu Zhou, Ding Xin Shuai, Yu Tang, Xue Tong Zhang

Abstract: Hydrolysis process is the key part of sulfuric acid method’s production technology of titanium dioxide, it is also the most rigorous part of...

Authors: Zhi Yu Shao, Yun Chen, Dong Yang Fang, Shun Shan Feng

Abstract: Small cylindrical object navigating near free-surface is subject to wave disturbance. Wave disturbance can dramatically influence the depth...

Authors: De Quan Zhu, Wen Hua Xie, Lei Sun

Abstract: To improve the control precision of six degree-of-freedom parallel platform, a fuzzy immune PID control method was presented based on the...


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