Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Wang, Xiao Ping Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a H control approach based on T-S fuzzy model for flexible joint robot is proposed. First, the Takagi and Sugeno...

Authors: Ning Chen, Pin Chang Zhu

Abstract: The structure and the principle of the electronic throttle control system (ETCS) is elaborated. The electronic throttle (ET) control model...

Authors: Yan Wei Zhang, Bin Wei, Guo Hua Cui, Nan Wang

Abstract: This study focus on the stiffness analysis of a three-DOF orientation fine-tuning manipulator for segment assembly robots in shield...

Authors: Yu Hu, Xue Mei Li

Abstract: An improved DV-HOP localization algorithm is proposed in the paper, aiming at the traditional DV-HOP localization algorithm. The improved...

Authors: Wei Yi, Xiao Hu Liu

Abstract: In this paper, three kinds of FEM models, i.e., the truss element model, the beam element model and the mixed beam-solid element model are...

Authors: Hai Quan Zeng, Geng Xin Zeng

Abstract: GMHPUT has a wide range of potential application in industrial. However, nonlinearity between exciting current and output displacement...

Authors: Kai Sun, Guo Qiang Liu, Xiao Yu Xu

Abstract: Based on the structure of permanent magnet (PM) spring, composed of one fixed end magnet and one moving magnet, a nonlinear resonant...

Authors: Rong Fu Zhou, Ding Xin Shuai, Yu Tang, Xue Tong Zhang

Abstract: The structure of gas blower group is complex. There are many types of fault and many fault are hidden, such as axial channeling move, rotor...

Authors: Xin Gang Chen, Yang Yang Zhao, Chao Feng Zhang, Xiao Xiao Tian

Abstract: As one of the most important equipments in the power system, partial discharge (PD) affects the transformer’s properties in a long-term...

Authors: Hui Yan Hao, Ya Bin Wang, Ming Jie Liu, Xiao Feng Li

Abstract: Hard target penetration acceleration signals are non-stationary signals. In this paper use the local mean decomposition theory to analysis...


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