Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Xu Wang, Jian Le, Xiao Lei, Cai Xia Yang, Xue Zheng, Kai Pei Liu

Abstract: This paper proposed a voltage dip analyzing method for multiple faults condition in complex power network. This method regarded the fault...

Authors: Gang Li, Lin Wei Xu, Hao He, Xing An

Abstract: Firstly, the conception of hypersonic flight and its flight characteristics are introduced in the article. Secondly, a control method based...

Authors: Shao Rong Xie, Jin Song Miao, Heng Yu Li, Yu Mei Zhou, Jun Luo

Abstract: This paper mainly introduces a binocular eyes system which is similar to the human eyes. The whole control system is based on neural network...

Authors: Jian Sun, Qiang Wang, Jian Xiu Xiao

Abstract: Considering the nonlinearity and strong coupling of AC induction motor, a co-evolutionary control method is proposed for it,based on this...

Authors: Fang Yuan Zhou, Min Sheng Deng, Meng Ren Jin, Qin Li, Xin Fu

Abstract: Drilling along a specified route is required in more and more applications. This paper introduces a path controllable drilling device based...

Authors: Zhi Peng Shen, Chen Guo, Yu Ting Wang

Abstract: Hybrid intelligent control technique is used for ship power station synchronous generator excitation control in this paper. The parameters...

Authors: Xian Jin Zhang, Yong Xian Song

Abstract: The Dual Buck Half Bridge inverter has been widely researched because of no bridge arm shoot-through problem and higher efficiency. Because...

Authors: Hai Fei Wu, Tong Zhao

Abstract: Online estimation of instantaneous frequencies is a method to treat information signals by following a set of certain algorithm for the...

Authors: Guo Qi Zeng, Feng Zhang, Zhi Mian Wei

Abstract: To fulfill the practical demands of airborne equipment’s miniaturization and integration, topic around single antenna radar altimeter become...

Authors: Li Gao

Abstract: Moving objects tracking in video sequences are the fundamental and challenging research topics in computer vision area at present. They have...


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