Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ye Jun Wang, Ai Wu Zheng, Yong Qiang Fu, Yong Qing Liu

Abstract: The conventional method to measure the tracking accuracy of antenna is based on the boresight tower. But the accuracy of this method is not...

Authors: Hai Bo Chen, Zhao Cheng Yuan, Wei Lu, Jin Lei Cai

Abstract: During the design process of Internal Combustion (IC) engine, what is often taken into consideration is the temperature of the important...

Authors: Zhen Dong Yin, Shan He

Abstract: In this paper, a novel and efficient Dempster-Shafer (D-S) evidence theory multi-node spectrum sensing based on double threshold judgment is...

Authors: Wu Xin Huang, Shi Li Tan, Yi Qin Li

Abstract: A designed network control system of multi mobile robot is presented. It is based on wireless distribution system. One or more mobile robot...

Authors: Xiao Zhi Liu, Da Wei Feng, Tian Shuang Zhang

Abstract: Multi-user detection (MUD) is used to control multiple access interference (MAI) and promote system performance and capacity, which is one...

Authors: Lan Luo, Qiong Hai Dai, Chun Xiang Xu, Shao Quan Jiang

Abstract: The cipher algorithms are categorized by block cipher, stream cipher and HASH, and they are weighed in faithful transmission which is known...

Authors: Jing Fan, Jun Feng Hao, Jie Li, Jian Bin Xie

Abstract: According to the topology of Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks (abbreviate to WMSN), and the channel access strategy of alternately...

Authors: Xu Guang Sun, Jing Sha He, Ming Xin Yang, Xiao Ling Sun

Abstract: In this paper, we study the node deployment in long narrow area of wireless sensor networks. Currently, studies on node deployment of...

Authors: Yan Shan Wang, Mei Ju Zhang, De Feng Liu

Abstract: Monitoring oil quality on-line has become an important issue in today’s military, transportation and manufacturing industries. Although...

Authors: Li Min Zhao, Zhen Hou, Dan Ping Jia, Quan Kang Wei

Abstract: A kind of optical fiber radiation pyrometer based on the theory of color comparison temperature measurement is designed in order to get the...


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