Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Li Wu, Bin Chen, Zhi Wei Xing

Abstract: Aiming at the flow and pressure pulsation caused by the reciprocating pump in aircraft deicing system, two solutions are presented in the...

Authors: Xian Feng Zu, Yu Qin Han, Gong Liu

Abstract: An optimal solution of multi-objective optimization has been proposed for the measure project of automatic test system (ATS) because of the...

Authors: Ge Qun Liu, Xiao Ming Xu

Abstract: Synchronization onto arbitrary orbit for diffusively coupled complex networks is of great application value and was investigated in this...

Authors: Tie Dong Zhang, Shan Ma, Lei Wan, Yong Jie Pang

Abstract: Semi-physical acoustic vision simulation system of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) was established by combining physical simulation of...

Authors: Rui Wu, Dan Wen Zhang, Juan Sun

Abstract: The twiste angle has a great effect on shaping law and stability of Numerical Controlled Electrochemical Machining (NC-ECM) process. In...

Authors: Shi Lin Wu, Qi Zhang, Jiu Long Xiong

Abstract: Orthogonal experiment was used to optimize the design of spherical cymbal transducer. Through variance analysis of orthogonal experiment...

Authors: Hong Wu, Tao Han, Can Wang

Abstract: Memory test technology is the most effective means to record the parameters of moving objects under special circumstances. This paper...

Authors: Yun Tang Zhao, Si Zhong Chen, Zhan Zong Feng

Abstract: A new control method used in the semi-active suspension is studied. The force generated by the semi-active damper can be divided into two...

Authors: Xiong Xie, Jian Ping Tan, Heng Tuo Liu, Yun Long Liu, Wei Tan, Zhuo Tan

Abstract: Based on the research of dynamic characteristics of axial flow blood pump which is drove by the large gap magnetic drive system, a serial...

Authors: Cheng Wu Lin, Li Ma, Hui Min Wang

Abstract: Based on the circuit topology of the grid-side converter, the control model of the grid-side converter is established, control technique of...


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