Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Qun Liu, Le Geng Chen, Jin Fu Li

Abstract: In the basis of image processing, the tire sorting technology adopts the fusion method of combining undecimated lifting wavelet transform;...

Authors: Xiang Fu, Jia Yao

Abstract: Firstly, this paper proposed that charging network for Electric Vehicle (EV) should be consisted of the special motorcade charging system...

Authors: Kun Huang

Abstract: First of all, with the actual situation of measurement and control technology laboratory in Panzhihua university, this paper put forward a...

Authors: De Jiang Zhang, Niao Na Zhang, Ke Wei Liu

Abstract: Automotive airbag assembly process is complex and nonlinear, and one of its characteristics is that the accuracy of making the threshold...

Authors: Jing Dai, Guo Lin Zhang, Kun Zhao

Abstract: A adaptive interference cancellation algorithm was proposed in this paper,which was based on NLMS algorithm.The NLMS algorithm was achieved...

Authors: Chan Yang, Zhong Jian Dai

Abstract: The real-time vehicle classification plays an important role in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). How to effectively improve the...

Authors: Wei Zhen Chen, Bing Wen Wang, Xiao Yan Huang

Abstract: Structural damage is too difficult to identification. In this paper, a new method using grey forecasting model to identification the...

Authors: Hong Hui Huang, Ling Yun Wang

Abstract: It analyzed the substance of parametric design. Nowadays, the CAD technology can not express the product knowledge and design experience....

Authors: Chun Fu Zhang, Qi Jin Yan, Jun Zhang

Abstract: This paper takes a certain solid rocket engine as the research object, and studies the optimal measuring techniques of static trust line...

Authors: Marian Bartunek, Oliver Moravčik, Peter Schreiber

Abstract: The present-day computer power enables (parallel to tests) the simulation of processes of cars safety assurance by specialized software....


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