Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Li Chen, Tao Qin

Abstract: In China, the thermal power is the main structure of power source. We consider that analysis thermal power’s date generation process is very...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Yong Song, Bang Zhi Kang, Fu Zhou Shang, Qun Hao

Abstract: The mathematical simulations of the galvanic coupling intra-body communication (IBC) with different signal transmission paths have been...

Authors: Ying Kui Gu, Xiang Xiang Tong, Xin Chong Luo

Abstract: In order to definite the dynamic properties of full mounted converter tilting mechaism and analysis the mechanical condition of the main...

Authors: Niao Na Zhang, Ke Wei Liu, Bao Dong Zhang

Abstract: Construct the model of the end-point ingredient prediction of low carbon ferrochrome smelt based on the working condition of electrothermal...

Authors: Rong Yang, Jie Zhang, Yan Ling He, Yang Huang

Abstract: Based on the measurement of train speed, this paper briefly describes the basic principle of Doppler speed measurement and the design of...

Authors: Xue Wen He, Yun Wang, Qing Bo Tang, Xiang Bao Jia

Abstract: Study focusing on the dynamics of the crystallizer hydraulic non-sinusoidal vibration system in the bullet caster crystallizer, which is...

Authors: Cai Zheng Xu, Ting Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the model of three-axis dual rotor helicopter is built, through a new motor control algorithm of real-time grouping, the...

Authors: Guang Hui Li, Zheng Pei, Ran Chen, Da Li Hu

Abstract: With the development of wireless communication, the automatic modulation recognition technology of communicational signals becomes an...

Authors: Shu Jun Li, Xiao Hang Wan, Zhao Wei Dong, Yuan Yuan

Abstract: Based on the plastic-elastic method, the 3-D milling FEM analysis model is established in this paper, which simulates the material removal...

Authors: Xiao Hang Wan, Zhao Wei Dong, Shu Jun Li, Sheng Yong Liu

Abstract: Adopted the theory of elastic-plastic deformation, used the FEM analysis software, the reasonable two-dimension heat-mechanic coupling...


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