Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation IV

Volumes 128-129

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Xiu Yan, Li Ping Fan

Abstract: This paper proposes the modified projective synchronization of uncertain chaotic systems with unknown parameters via active adaptive sliding...

Authors: Hu He, Jian Hui Sun, Dong Cheng Tian, Na Li

Abstract: There are two ways of excitation on steel-string sensor—high-voltage plucked excitation or low-voltage scanning frequency excitation. But...

Authors: Hui Li, Lan Bi, Xiu Juan Feng, Bing Jun Li, Chun Xi Zhang

Abstract: Concerning the effect of the parameter uncertainty caused by environmental temperature, we present a robust control algorithm for the fiber...

Authors: Pin Chang Zhu, Gang Feng Tan

Abstract: There are problems with the tailpipe hook when the car is in durability test. In the paper, the exhaust system vibration analysis model is...

Authors: Tie Jun Shang, Xian Jie Fu, Li Liu, Zhi Peng Feng, Nai Lian Hu

Abstract: Regarding the cyclostationary of of amplitude-modulated signals, a method for extracting cyclostionary statistics of amplitude-modulated...

Authors: Hui Chen, Jian Ping Tan, Jin Li Gong, Xian Yue Cao, Ji Neng Zhou

Abstract: The moving beam of large forging hydraulic press is taken as a research object. A mathematic model of moving beam’s six freedom degrees...

Authors: Quan Le Liu, Wei Chen

Abstract: The quantity of official cars increased with the speed exceeding 20% every year which need much more energy be consumed to meet the official...

Authors: Ke Chen, Xue Feng Tong, Xin Fang Wang

Abstract: Based on the vehicle crash finite element theory and the virtual proving ground (VPG), vehicle frontal crash is simulated. Under the VPG...

Authors: Jie Fan Cui, Lin Li, Hong Yan

Abstract: The maximum efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is studied and analyzed on the problem of the efficiency of motor...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Shi Tian Yan

Abstract: This paper presents simulation method for a new camera robot system. A special mechanism of 7 DOF which allow the robot to work flexibly in...


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