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Authors: Guo Shun Chen, Yan Mei Lv, Ming Fei Xia
Chapter 6: Computer Aid Design
Abstract:Based on the functions and performance analysis of networked virtual instrument (NVI) system, this paper design and implementation the...
Authors: Hong Yuan Zhang, Peng He
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:This paper takes automobile panel as the study object, and adopts non-contact 3-D scanner to obtain the point cloud data of the automobile...
Authors: Hong Yuan Zhang, Lei Bi, Hao Zhang
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:For the automobile stamping parts quality inspection problem, this paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the contact...
Authors: Peng Cao, De Cheng Feng, Ru Xin Jing
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Using visco-elastoplastic-plastic finite element method, the resistant ability to rutting occurring in Heilongjiang province express way has...
Authors: Jian Lu, Yu Ru Zou
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Building upon our previous work for automatically creating colorful patterns with planar symmetries, we study mapping these symmetric...
Authors: Li Ping Li, Chang Chun Liu, Ke Li, Cheng Yu Liu
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Non-stationary trend in R-R interval series is suggested to be removed to obtain reliable results for it could highly influence the frequency...
Authors: Zhen Nan Wang, Qiang Gao, Xin Wei, Shao Hui Yin
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Aiming at those problems faced by armored force which carried out real communication countermeasure training under complex electromagnetic...
Authors: Wen Chang Tsai
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:A DC/DC voltage booster circuit is essential to design for the high-pressure (H.P.) injector driving circuit since the power supply voltages...
Authors: Xi Chen, Zong Ze Wu, Sheng Li Xie, Jin Hai Liu
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:An ASIC front-end design of intra and inter prediction module based on H.264/SVC standard is proposed in this paper. State machine is used in...
Authors: Jian Ping Zhou, Xiao Yun Wu, Peng Fei Zhang, Guo Hua Gu
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:The traditional muzzle angle measurement method measured by optical range quadrant can’t satisfy the demand. A muzzle angle auto-measurement...
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