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Authors: Jun Chen, Tao Chen, Zong Quan Deng
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:To solve the problem of increased resistance founded in prototype test for single traction articulated in-pipe robot inspecting system move...
Authors: Li Juan Duan, Xue Bin Wang, Zhen Yang, Hai Yan Zhou, Chun Peng Wu, Qi Zhang, Jun Miao
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Our project focuses on the emotional face evoked EEG signal recognition. Since EEG signals contain enough information to separate different...
Authors: Hua Yao Chang, Jun Zheng Wang, Jiang Bo Zhao, Shou Kun Wang
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:A fault diagnosis based on bond graph model is proposed for hydraulic variable pitch system. Because the knowledge representation of bond...
Authors: Le Wen Yu, Da Zhang
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Analysis for error in triangular laser measuring system of three-dimensional profile. Analysis of the basic principle of laser triangulation...
Authors: Rui Liang Yang, Long Gao
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:On the basis of previous studies, various shape function and weight function of infinite element are researched and summarized into eight...
Authors: Xin Rui Zhao, Tie Bing Lu, Yu Hong Dong
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Based on the technology of virtual instrument, a set of measurement system of the total electric field on the ground level under HVDC...
Authors: Lin Qiu, Yue Zou, Li Huang, Geng Ren
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:The paper investigated the efficient model of solar wall and the operation modes of solar wall system on buildings application, The...
Authors: Chao Dai, Ji Hui Liang
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:Ride comfort is one of the main using performance items and competitiveness index of the automobile. This paper carries out shock absorption...
Authors: Ying Liu, Jun Zhao, Zheng Lv, Wei Wang
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:A balance scheduling method based on gasholder level prediction is proposed for the byproduct gas system in this study. First, a class of...
Authors: Ji Hong Yan, Chun Hua Feng
Chapter 7: Design and Practice
Abstract:With increasing sustainable development consciousness, sustainable design plays an important role not only in design phase but also in...
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