e-Engineering & Digital Enterprise Technology VII

Volumes 16-19

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.16-19

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Authors: Peng Wang, Jing Lei Xin, Ji Xiang Li, Shi Wei Yin

Abstract: Aim at the problem of tool cutting monitoring system between tool wear estimate by gradual information and judgment of tool failure by sharp...

Authors: Sheng Yuan Jiang, Xu Dong Jiang, Xue Wen Zhang, Jian Yong Li

Abstract: A novel differential in-pipe robot, called mechanical adaptive in-pipe robot is presented. The drive unit of the robot consists of driving...

Authors: Yong Hou Sun, Cong Li, Mei Fa Huang, Hui Jing

Abstract: The garbage crusher is a new kind of crusher for garbage crushing when processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). With the development of...

Authors: Peng Gong, Li Jie Zhao, Hui Yan Chen, Jun Qiang Xi

Abstract: It is easy to make sudden shifting process during automatic shifting due to the driver’s sudden pedal operation. According to the analysis...

Authors: Jian Wen Chen, L.B. Jia, Jin Chun Song, Zhi Wei Zhang, C.J. Pang

Abstract: The density of oil mist in this paper is an important factor of oil mist lubrication technology, according to which the effect of...

Authors: Jin Zhu, Chun Dong Zhu

Abstract: Hanging file stent components (HFSC) of automotive transmission require high reliability, because the assembly quality has direct influence...

Authors: Shang Fei Xie, Zhi Li Sun, Liang Zhao

Abstract: Software reliability is an important attribute of software quality. Based on the concept of software reliability and reliability indicator,...

Authors: Ming Guang Zhao

Abstract: In network-based manufacturing, an enterprise alliance has such characteristics as: information, integration, globalization and variation,...

Authors: Yan Ling Zhao, Feng Ling Wu, Peng Wang, Jian Yi Zhang

Abstract: Steel ball, as a rolling body of all kinds of bearings, it direct affects the bearings precision, dynamic performance and service life. This...

Authors: Feng Lian Qi, Zhi Li Sun, Min Zhao

Abstract: The automatic measuring system of stone milling force is studied in the article. The columned diamond milling cutters are used to mill stone...


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