Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Gong Gu, Zong De Fang, Shan Shan Shen

Abstract: The mean sliding friction factor was derived in the mixed elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication state, which contains the complete...

Authors: Qi Tong Liu, Jian Ming Zhan, Jian Hua Mao

Abstract: An adaptive tool system of polishing robots for large freeform surface which is installed discoid tool is proposed. To improve processing...

Authors: Peng Ju Cao, Jian Zhou Quan, Xiao Feng Li, Ling Zhou

Abstract: The wiring of small mechanical and electrical equipment is one of the bottlenecks in rapid R&D and reliability. The path optimization is the...

Authors: Zou Min, Hai Lin Zhu, Chen Cheng

Abstract: Only in the middle section of the tooth width, the profile of the gear with arcuate tooth traces is involute; the profiles are envelopes of...

Authors: Xiao Cun Xu, Yan Gang He, Yan Min Wang

Abstract: Since almost all large die surfaces are free-form surfaces, currently, these are mostlty manually polished. In order to overcome this...

Authors: Qin Xu, Yuan Yue Huang

Abstract: A new computer-aided control system was developed for the first time, by adopting parallel testing design ideas in this paper. It solved,...

Authors: Yong Lu, Chong Qiang Huang, Jian Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces a methodology to evaluate and calculate the transmissible torque of the HSK-E tool system based on FEM. Calculation...

Authors: Yu Gui Li, Lin Zhu, Jian Mei Wang, Hai Lian Gui, Duo Yan, Qing Xue Huang

Abstract: ANSYS as finite element software is used to analyze oil film pressure of hydrodynamic oil film bearing, the stress of bearing bush alloy and...

Authors: Xiao Zhou Li

Abstract: The working performance of Ni-P-Co alloy coating on the tooth surface of gears made from mechanical element of 45# steel was carried out....

Authors: Chao Yu Zhou, Cheng Xin Lin, Lin Lin Liu

Abstract: In this study, 1mm thick Fe-Mn-Si shape memory alloy was welded by both sides using YAG laser welding. In a certain range of parameters, the...


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