Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Yong Zhong, Yan Bing Ni, Pan Feng Wang, Zhi Yong Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the open architecture technique is used to develop the computer numerical control (CNC) system of parallel mechanism. The...

Authors: Feng Lu, Di Zheng, Yong Jie Shi, Bin Huang

Abstract: Magnetorheological fluid torque servo (MRT) is a novel torque generating and controlling device. It converts the rotational input of active...

Authors: Hong Bing Wu, Zhi Xin Jia, Xue Chang Zhang, Chen Guang Xu

Abstract: The quality of hole is difficult to be guaranteed and tools wear severely in the drilling process of titanium alloy. To investigate more...

Authors: Di Zheng, Bi Da Lv, Jian Ming Zhan, Li Yong Hu

Abstract: Aspheric parts are attracting many researchers’ attention for their excellent optical properties. The commonly used manufacturing technology...

Authors: Yan Chao, Hai Feng Zhang, Li Qun Wu

Abstract: Tolerance information plays a critical role in many steps of the product life cycle. It is especially important due to the advances in...

Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Jun Yi Yu, Hong Wei Zhao

Abstract: A new method for identifying stable cutting speed in regenerative chatter is studied by time- varying cutting width. The model of the...

Authors: Guo Qing Sun, Guan Wei Zhang, Yong Liang Chen, Kun Zhang

Abstract: Based on study and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the design methods of AD (AD, Axiomatic Design), QFD (QFD, Quality...

Authors: Feng Qi Han, Zhi Zun Li, De Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Early breakage of tap often occurs when tapping on difficult-to-cut materials with the method of low frequency torsional vibration tapping,...

Authors: Wen Liu, Mi Lan Zhang, Zhi Xin Jia, Xu Ding

Abstract: The heat penetration depth of mould for Semi-solid net-shape forming affects not only the life of moulds, but also the quality of products....

Authors: Xiang Hua Zhang, Guo Hong Dai

Abstract: To reveal the cutting process of aluminum alloy 7050, the oblique cutting finite element model was established to simulate the cutting...


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