Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

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Authors: Bin Zhang, Bo Qin Gu

Abstract: In this paper, the stress distribution of short-fiber-reinforced composites (SFRC) using representative volume element (RVE) approach based...

Authors: Jing Yong Liu, Shui Yu Sun, Rong Xue Zhang, Sheng Zhong, Min Ting Chen

Abstract: Sewage sludge incineration slag, the waste generated in sewage sludge incineration, was obtained from a sewage treatment plant in Guangzhou...

Authors: Qi Wang, Guo Zheng, Jian Jie Ai, Xue Jing Wei

Abstract: High yield diglycerin borate(DGB) have been synthesized by the raw materials glycerol and boric acid in this paper. The structure of the...

Authors: Kun Zhang, Hai Feng Wang, Yu Chun Ma, Zhuang Li

Abstract: In the process of the simulation FHMIPv6, build a reasonable experimental platform for experimental basis, based on the condition of network...

Authors: Huai Wen Wang, Hong Wei Ji, Hui Miao, Wen Quan Shao

Abstract: A technique for non-contact optical measurement of in-plane displacements based on correlation analysis is presented. This approach can be...

Authors: Cheng Mao Zhang, Cheng Li, De Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Hardened stainless steels are materials widely used in the field of aviation and spaceflight. Machining of this materials with conventional...

Authors: Xiao Lin Liu, Zhi Quan Li

Abstract: An aircraft cable fault location method based on detection model is proposed to solve the problem of being difficult to inspect the fault...

Authors: Jun Ming Hou, De Xu Yang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Collaborative design is a new method for mechanical design and manufacture, how to improve the ability of design is the point problem. Data...

Authors: Yi Gang Luan, Hai Ou Sun

Abstract: In this article, computational fluid dynamics(CFD) method is used to predict the effect of blade numbers on the pressure drop of axial...

Authors: Xiao Li, Bai Yang Lou, Hua Ping Wu, Xiao Dong He, Yue Sun

Abstract: The effect of pressures on microstructure and properties of as-deposited high silicon electrical steel by EB-PVD during hot pressing was...


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