Recent Trends in Materials and Mechanical Engineering Materials, Mechatronics and Automation

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Authors: Ru Ting Xia, Jian Fan, Bai Shao Zhan, Shun’ichi Doi

Abstract: This paper introduces the designs on visual attention measurement system based on the visual attention theory. The measurement system...

Authors: Ye Yuan, Zhong Kai Yang, Qing Fu Li

Abstract: This paper focuses on the end effect problem of the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) algorithm, which results in a serious distortion in...

Authors: Ren Qing Wang

Abstract: SiO2, CaO and MgO was chosen as main raw material and Solid State method was used to prepare the samples. The precursor was...

Authors: Shun Qi Mei, Qiao Xu, Zhi Ming Zhang, Qing Song Liu

Abstract: The numerical analysis and calculation of magnetic field is one of the key issues for designing the magnetic drive mechanisms. This paper...

Authors: Jean de la Paix Mupenzi, Ji Wen Ge, Lan Hai Li, Gabriel Habiyaremye

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the study undertaken in Rwanda to investigate the spatial integration of cities. It was revealed that...

Authors: Yun Zhou, You Xiang Ye, Liang Neng Wu, Sen Jiang Yu

Abstract: A new kind of lead-free ferromagnetic-ferroelectric (FM/FE) composite was successfully prepared by incorporating the dispersed...

Authors: Ya Zhao Zhang, Yao Xiang Li, Hong Fu Zhang, Hui Juan Zhang, Pai Li

Abstract: Model for predicting wood density of Larch was established using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) combined with support vector machine...

Authors: Lan Zhen Chen, Long Shi Gao

Abstract: The main purpose of this design is to raise the drawing power of the vacuum cleaner. All researches were done at the original vacuum model...

Authors: Jian Li, Yan Qin, Liang Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, a kind of unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) was prepared by using renewable soybean oil, glycerol, propylene glycol and...

Authors: Jian Li, Zheng Qun Huang, Yan Qin

Abstract: In this article, a kind of SMC artificial marble was prepared. In order to enhance the mechanical properties and prolong the using life of...


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