Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Qing Wang, Rong Yu, Rong Ling Chen

Abstract: By a transfer matrix-Newmark formulation iteration method, shock response analysis in time domain was performed for a propulsion shaft...

Authors: Sheng Han Zhou, Wen Bing Chang, Ze Jian Xiong

Abstract: The paper aims to develop a risk assessment model with the fuzzy temporal information. The traditional model assess risk with the risk...

Authors: Cheng Guo, Hao Qian Wang

Abstract: Most of the traditional block-matching algorithms for motion estimation (ME) can only yield local optimal motion vectors (MVs). In this...

Authors: Hao Jun Li, Yue Sheng Zhu

Abstract: Rather than based on the stereo vision principle and the relationship between the camera position and the video scene objects used in most...

Authors: Zhi Hu Huang, Jin Song Leng

Abstract: Automatic seal imprint identification system is highly demanded in oriental countries. Even though several seal identification techniques...

Authors: Li Xia Qi, Xue Yang

Abstract: Coal mine safety production is of great significance in China. Modern information management and network technology are used to establish a...

Authors: Wen Bang Sun, He Xin Chen, Wen Bing Sun, Mai Yu Zhou

Abstract: With the development of information processing technology, 2-D DCT has been used more and more widely. But the 2-D DCT is accomplished by...

Authors: Shi Feng Liu

Abstract: For the lack of unified professional networks topology presentation system, the whole network topology of network units can not be presented...

Authors: Jing Li Wang

Abstract: Circuit optimization method should include the topology of automatic design circuit and automatically determine components parameters of the...

Authors: Bing Yuan Cheng, Kai Jin Qiu, Zu Yong Yang

Abstract: The amount of intrusion detection calculation based on software is heavy, which can not satisfy the needs of modern network bandwidth; the...


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