Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nai Jun Xie, Qi Hua Cheng

Abstract: Intelligent traffic light control system based on fuzzy control was designed and the implementation of it was also discussed. The system can...

Authors: Jin Song Zhan, Cheng Lian Liu

Abstract: Al-Ibrahim and Cerny proposed an authentication scheme of anycast communication. Their scheme is based on El-Gamal type signature scheme. We...

Authors: Ying Lv

Abstract: Typhoon cloud has its changeability, so it is difficult to track and predict compared with the rigid targets. Region of interest (ROI) and...

Authors: Ching Sung Wang, Chien Wei Liu, Teng Wei Wang, Chih Chung Chang, Jia He Lin, Wei Jie Lin, Siang Jyun Jheng

Abstract: Because of crowed population, urban people live in a relatively narrower living environment. They currently set the electric socket at the...

Authors: Ching Sung Wang, Chien Wei Liu, Teng Wei Wang

Abstract: Along with the information and communication technique progress, nosocomial medical care service has extended to the long-term care...

Authors: Rong Di Yuan, Quan Quan Du, Hui Zong Feng

Abstract: Electronic throttle is a typical nonlinear device because of the nonlinear reset springs. Normal sliding mode control usually leads to...

Authors: Rong Di Yuan, Quan Quan Du

Abstract: A new approach is presented in this paper in which a Crush Natural Gas (CNG) Turbo Engine model based on Mean Value Model and transient...

Authors: Qing Xin Zhang, Hai Bin Li, Jin Li

Abstract: Many methods have been used to detect the motor speed. All of these methods are based on the parameter equation of motor and the detection...

Authors: Hong Juan Yu, Xin Min Xu, Wan Yong Su, Xiao Long Chen

Abstract: The research way is discussed in this paper is to use digital image processing technology to measure the coordinates (x0, y0),the radius...

Authors: Li Hua Ye, Hai Ming Yin

Abstract: In this work, we present a video-tag detection and recognition method. According to the duration of the video, choose an appropriate...


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