Green Power, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applications

Volumes 84-85

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Feng Zheng

Abstract: Differential Evolution (DE), a vector population based stochastic optimization method has been introduced to the public in 1995. During the...

Authors: Hong Quan Liu, Hong Ru Liu, Jin Xi Lu

Abstract: This paper described the theory, source and effect of the vibration of the block making machine. The paper analyzed the situation of...

Authors: Su Feng Yin, Sha Li, Ying Zhao, Xiao Jing Wang, Jian Hui Wu

Abstract: In order to understand the distribution of hospitalization costs and development trends in Steel worker hospital, we used the proportion,...

Authors: Su Feng Yin, Ying Zhao, Sha Li, Jian Hui Wu

Abstract: In order to find out the steel industre workers’ health conditions and the pattern of the change in this industre, we used the abridged life...

Authors: Yan Yan, Xing Hua Ma, Fei Fei Ji

Abstract: This paper introduce a substation integrated automation control system of 220kV structures, characteristics and functions of the system,...

Authors: Jun Guo, De Qing Gan, Yu Zhang, Wei Hang Zhang

Abstract: The paper analyzed major factors that influence the stability of open-pit slope and established the GM (1, N) model based on the program of...

Authors: Wei Qin Lin, De Wen Kong, Mao Lin Cai

Abstract: This paper analyzes the operation power of screw air compressor and the formula of power of isentropic adiabatic compression is given.Then...

Authors: Zheng Yuan Jia, Chuan Cai Li, Di Yuan

Abstract: This template takes the data of energy consumption indicators in Jiangsu Province from 1996 to 2009 as the object of study, evaluated its...

Authors: You Yuan Zhou

Abstract: An example of a central air-conditioning project of a rebuilt department store is described in this paper. The design of air system, water...

Authors: Zheng Yuan Jia, Chuan Cai Li, Di Yuan

Abstract: This document takes the 30 completely state-owned manufacturing industry professions in Shandong Province as the object of study, has...


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