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Authors: Jun Guo, De Qing Gan, Yu Zhang, Guang Fu Rong
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:Based on applications in different open-pit mine and analysis of economic benefits, the paper describes the mixed emulsion explosive...
Authors: Zeng Ping Zhang, Yong Wen, Jian Zhong Pei, Shuan Fa Chen
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:Montmorillonite (MMT) modified asphalts are prepared by melt blending with the help of high-speed shear mixer. The dispersion of MMT layers...
Authors: Guo Qiu Xie
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:In this paper, we report on the structure, magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in NaZn13-type...
Authors: Xiao Ling Qi, You Yu Fan, Ling Ke Zeng, Dong Sheng Zhu
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:Polycrystalline Ca3-xMgxCo4O9(x=0-0.3)ceramics were prepared by the sol–gel method combined with...
Authors: Ji Zhu Liu, Xiao Hui Yu, Shao Hua Wang, Tao Chen, Rui Zheng Long
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:The irreversible demagnetization of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet (PM) material appears during the use of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet synchronous...
Authors: Shiang Hau Wu, Jiann Jong Guo
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:In recent years, much research has been devoted to the Bitumen research; however, few have deployed the study of the research trend. In fact,...
Authors: Xue Jun Yue, Tian Sheng Hong, Jian Qiang Lu, Yu Qing Luo
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:In the condition that conventional energy sources are depleted and greatly pollute environment, solar energy as a new energy type, has some...
Authors: Wei Shi, Hyun Chul Park, Chin Wha Chung, Young Chan Kim
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:Due to the energy crisis and greenhouse effect, wind energy is becoming one of the most attractive renewable energies during last three...
Authors: Yan Li, Fang Feng, Sheng Mao Li, Wen Qiang Tian
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:In recent years, vertical axis wind turbine is widely used. However, when it is installed in cold regions icing and snow on blade surface...
Authors: Yan Li, Fang Feng, Wen Qiang Tian, Kotaro Tagawa
Sustainable Power and Applications
Abstract:Recently, the straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine (SB-VAWT) receives more and more attentions for its simple design, low cost, and...
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